5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Our Course (DBIT)

01 Nov 2015

12 Dec 2015

Welcome to our weekly issue of 5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Our Course.

In this week’s issue, we ask the lecturers from the Diploma in Business Information Technology (DBIT) on what it’s like in DBIT and what the profession entails.
- DMIT Editor

1. DBIT is different from secondary school because ...

You get to work on real-life projects even right from Year One! You’ll get to work with organisations and companies in Singapore to help them come up with creative ways to grow their business. With such projects, it is important to understand the requirements of the client so that the idea you come up with is commercially viable. What’s important too is to sell your idea to the client so that they will engage your services for the project.

2. You will spend a lot of your time working on …

Understanding why information on social media is so important in helping a business grow and to apply this understanding to the work that you do. You will help to run and manage Social Media Marketing campaigns for companies.

You will also spend a lot of time understanding why facts and figures are important to businesses! Businesses need this information to plan how the business should grow and to predict problems that they might face. This is called Business Analytics.

3. You will spend a lot of your time working on …

Using technology and innovation to improve peoples’ lives. You will learn about what it takes to start up a company, how to look for business opportunities, how to market and brand a product, how to put together a business plan, and how to look for funding. This is called technopreneurship.

4. Fun Fact…

Have you ever wondered what the DBIT logo means?

The dolphin in the logo represents a good listener and communicator. Sound is the basis by which a dolphin navigates, hunts, and communicates. Similarly a DBIT student is expected to “listen” to chatter in social media to, locate vital information, and communicate findings effectively.

The sea of 1s and 0s represents the massive "sea of information" on the Internet. This information is valuable to businesses and can be examined with proper tools.

5. To do well in this industry, you must be…

Versatile and have a mixture of skills. In today’s world, businesses need experts who understand both technology and business. By understanding technology you are able to make the applications that people need and want. By understanding business, you can help a company better compete in the marketplace. DBIT graduates are often in high demand in the industry because they have both these skills!


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