Why SoC?

#1: Experiential Learning Spaces



#2: A curriculum that lays a strong common foundation in coding and full-stack development

  • 2.1 To equip students with the dexterity to go deep in their specialisations such as Software Development, UI / UX, Immersive Simulation, AI and Analytics, and Cyber Security.


#3: Innovative pedagogy to groom industry ready confident IT professionals

  • 3.1 In year 2 semester 2, students can apply to join an Industry Now Curriculum (INC). In lieu of attending module classes, students work in IT job roles such as software developers at the software student agency Project INC on curated real client industry projects to gain credits and gain exRosure to the latest technologies. Students get to network with industry partners and master industry relevant skills through this Industry Project Learning Approach - Project INC

  • 3.2 Multiple learning pathways:

    • - Industry Project pathway
      In Year 3, students have the opportunity to take on leadership roles at INC, ranging from project/client management, and coaching/mentoring juniors. Even before they graduate, students would have established their market reputation with a portfolio of diverse industry projects.
    • - University pathway
      Accelerated Pathway Programme (APP) allows eligible students to gain conditional admission to partnering local universities such as SMU and SUTD and gain early exposure to the university modules and campus life in their 3rd year of study in SP.
    • - Year-long Internship pathway
      This is the default pathway, where students will gain a longer exposure with their attachment and industry professionals playing a larger part in their learning experience.
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