Common Infocomm Technology Programme (S32)

The Common Infocomm Technology Programme (CITP) is designed to help students make an informed choice. At the end of Year 1 Semester 1, students will be able to make an informed choice in selecting one of the two IT courses that they wish to pursue: • S69 Diploma in Information Technology (DIT) • S54 Diploma in Infocomm Security Management (DISM)

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ELR2B2 10 points

Infocomm Security Management (S54)

Anonymous hackers are attempting to gain access to classified information on a computer system and you need to stop them from carrying out this malicious attack. At the Cyber Wargame Centre, we create such realistic scenarios to prepare students for the REAL cyberthreats!

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ELR2B2 13 points

Information Technology (S69)

Information Technology (IT) is the driving force behind many digital transformations we see and use today, including the Smart Nation vision. In Singapore, there continues to be a strong demand for IT professionals in every domains. Due to the merger with previous Diploma in Business IT, DIT has large intake size for its both specialisations.

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Business Information Technology (S82)

*Unavailable for new intake* DBIT will be merged into DIT as a new specialisation in Data Science and Digital Analytics with effect from 2019.

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Cyber Security Academy

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DMAT Sikai

Xin Chao


DDA (S35)

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" I have learned a lot from this course, from concept art through to compositing. It really helps me getting to the industry that I want. "


Grace Foo

Class of 2013,
Team member of "I Said",
a final year project,
currently Lighting Artist of Sparky Studios



DBIT (S82)

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" DBIT not only provided us with a great mix of Business and IT modules, it also gave us many opportunities to work with industry projects. Choosing DBIT was the best decision that I made! "


Tan Shi Hui

Class of 2013,
currently pursuing a BSc
in Information Management
Business at the University College London.
Recipient of the IDA National Infocomm Scholarship (NIS).


DMAT (S97)

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" DMAT is a great course. Its curriculum contains a balanced mixture of music and music technology.
It has opened my eyes to the endless possibilities
and versatility of my creative mind. This course has also set a standard for me to climb upon and push beyond for a breakthrough into the music industry.


Tan Ming Wen Mandric

Class of 2009,
Founder of Soundfarm
Production Studios,
MDA Scholar 2011,
Berklee Scholar 2011


DIT (S69)


" At DIT, flexibility is a strong value. Students are encouraged to work on what they are passionate about. This greatly motivates students to excel and learn beyond the industry relevant skill taught in academic modules. "


Tan Chun Siong

Class of 2009,
currently working as a
Technical Evangelist at
Microsoft Singapore.



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" Do your best for the smallest task and you would be entrusted with bigger task. The message I would like to deliver to the students is that when we start doing things right and at our best for the smallest task we are given, it adds to the bigger us and people will start to entrust us to do greater things. "


Joanne Zheng Xiuling

Class of 2009,
Assistant Producer
Shooting Gallery


DISM (S54)

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" The comprehensive and flexible curriculum, industrial exposure and certifications, real-life practices and competitions are the core benefits of studying in DISM.
For those genuinely passionate about an Infocomm Security career, DISM is definitely the path one would not regret taking. "


Yang Xudong

Class of 2009,
awarded the IDA Gold Medal and ISACA Award