Deep Thoughts from Ubisoft Singapore Visit

24 Feb 2016

24 February 2016

Fresh off a busy year in the School of Digital Media & Infocomm Technology (DMIT), students from 2 diplomas, the Diploma in Digital Animation (DDA), and the Diploma in Information Technology (DIT), took a welcome break and got an opportunity to visit Ubisoft Singapore’s office. Getting up close and personal with industry experts and SP alumni working at Ubisoft was just the beginning. Hardy Shein, a student at the cusp of his final year in DIT, shares his thoughts on the visit.

Alex Lim, Talent Acquisition Manager, Ubisoft Singapore, held the rapt attention of nearly 50 students and staff from the Diplomas of Digital Animation, and Information Technology
My second year in Singapore Polytechnic is coming to an end. Year 3 is around the corner and with it, my Final Year Project (FYP) and Internship. The game industry in Singapore has been growing in recent years and it feels exciting to be studying Game Development in DIT.
DIT Alumnus, Lin Junjie (not the singer but also a legend amongst DIT students), describes his role as Associate Lead Designer in the Ubisoft Design Team
Like many of my peers, I dream of one day working with the many passionate game creators and getting involved in developing a popular title. So, when the opportunity came to visit Ubisoft, a well-known AAA developer with multiple studios worldwide, I could not pass it up.
The atmosphere at Ubisoft was nothing like a traditional office. I did not see a single tie or suit. Everyone was dressed in what seemed comfortable to them, all casual. However, I felt beneath that casual outer layer, burned the passionate spirit to craft the unforgettable experiences that are their video games. The folks from Ubisoft who were kind enough to interact with us made no effort to hide their enthusiasm for working in Ubisoft and playing a role in the Game Industry. They shared their individual experiences of why and how they entered Ubisoft.
Gavin ( SP DGDD and DigiPen alumnus, Game Designer), and Paul Fu (Lead Game Designer), join Junjie and Alex for a Round Table Q&A Session
I was elated to hear that Ubisoft was constantly looking out for talented individuals to join their ‘Creed’, but of course, just as apprehensive of the competition from the many more competent individuals out there within and beyond Singapore. The Q&A session gave us SP students the opportunity to ask questions that may allow us to make better decisions regarding our future careers and how we may position ourselves better to join the ranks of Ubisoft.
Cheung Wai Tung (DIT Alumnus, former intern, and current QA Team member) shares professional perspectives and debunks myths: "No, we don't jump 100 times in place to test a game." Paul adds: "Yes, we write scripts for things like that."
The folks at Ubisoft gave us great and clear tips and advice on all of this. It was also inspiring to hear from our seniors working in Ubisoft Singapore. It inspired me, as I’m sure it did my peers that we may one day be like them.
Alex gives pointers to DDA students on getting ready for the game development industry
I managed to gain some insight too from a question of my own regarding their use of the 3Cs in gaming which are Character, Camera and Control. As shared by the folks at Ubisoft, this concept is in fact something universal to the entire game industry. A side note: The fact that I was asking that question meant that it as a concept has been rather “transparent” as they say. When a game executes these well, it becomes unseen and unnoticed. If it does not, the opposite takes effect. That is what makes it so important. So much so that Paul, who addressed my question, said he was actively working with the local schools to reinforce such an important concept.
Hardy finding out what keeps Junjie up at night: VR and more video games
A little time left before the end, there was free chatting amongst SP students, lecturers and the folks at Ubisoft. My friends and I managed to speak to our senior, Junjie. He shared more on how we could better position ourselves to join Ubisoft and held a short discussions on various hot topics in the industry like Virtual Reality and so on. Totally unrelated, but it was totally cool to find out he was playing a game I wanted too. We are all gamers at heart.
Alex showing the many awards Ubisoft Singapore has won, including Best Tech Companies by SCS in 2015
It's clichéd but let me end of with a quote from the late Mr Satoru Iwata.

“On my business card, I am a corporate president. In my mind, I am a game developer. But in my heart, I am a gamer”.
About Ubisoft Singapore
Started in 2008, Ubisoft Singapore has since grown to a 300-strong culturally diverse team, with fresh graduates to industry veterans. The studio was key in AAA titles releases, including Assassin’s Creed III, the ocean technology and pirate activities in Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, and the online AAA free-to-play shooter, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Phantoms.

Students and graduates from Singapore Polytechnic alike have experienced work in Ubisoft Singapore as interns and full-time staff, from Quality Assurance to Level Designer. The visit to Ubisoft Singapore is part of series of Industry Learning Journeys where SP staff and students are exposed to industry to learn about hiring practices and industry trends.
Thank you, Ubisoft Singapore!



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