Collegial Artificial Intelligence Innovation Competition (CAIIC) 2020

22 Dec 2020

Congratulations to Team SoC comprising Zhao Wu, Tien Cheng, Yifan, Kevin Tan & Muhammad Faqih, all from Diploma in Applied AI and Analytics for winning the SG leg of CAIIC 2020.

Virtual training for all teams begun on October 2020.

More than 200 budding AI enthusiasts from various Singapore Institutes of Higher Learning participated in the training sessions, learning from an AI Engineer all the way from Transwarp (Shanghai) about AI and its use cases using Transwarp’s enterprise AI platform.

The competition theme was on Power. The theme was apt given the recent power fault that disrupted train services in Singapore.
Over the next two weeks, the teams flex their AI muscles to good use by using past monitoring data of distribution network transformers to develop, train and test their AI solutions to predict whether heavy overloading of the transformers, which could result in power outage, could occur. 

Our team, Techjunkies, went on to beat 53 teams to win First Place! 

[From left to right: Wong Zhao Wu, Oh Tien Cheng, Li Yifan, Kevin Tan Tian Hao, Muhammad Faqih Akmal]

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