Infocomm Security Management alumnus' journey to success

04 Jan 2021

"It is important to know what you want and have a plan on how to achieve your goal. Whether you achieve it through your passion and interests, external certifications or taking a longer route, it doesn't matter! There is no easy path in life, so stay motivated and focus on your goal."

Wise words from someone who did exactly that and is now being rewarded with the sweet taste of success! 

Back in 2016, Jason Koh visited SP’s Open House and explored the various courses available. That was when he saw SP students doing a live Wi-Fi cracking demonstration, and was immensely intrigued by it. It was at that moment when he set his eyes on entering SP's Diploma in Infocomm Security Management (DISM).

However, it was not an easy journey. Jason was unable to enter SP via the Polytechnic Foundation Programme (PFP) after scoring 15 points for his N Levels. Keeping his goal in mind, Jason did not let the setbacks discourage him. The West Spring Secondary School alumnus went on to study hard at ITE's Higher Nitec in Infocomm Technology, which allowed him to build his knowledge on computers before he successfully enrolled in SP’s DISM via Joint-Polytechnic Admissions Exercise (JPAE).

Since achieving his goal, Jason went on to have a fulfilling time in SP! He was the President for DISM Gryphons, an interest group made up for DISM students. This allowed Jason to work with the renowned French security researcher, bug hunter and Tech Ambassador Lucas (also known as BitK).

We are indeed proud of Jason, who stayed the course and had the gumption to pursue his passion, albeit a longer route. Today, he has achieved his goal and more by being a DISM student in SP. 

The article was first published on SP Instagram.

jason koh