Infocomm Security Management graduating student shares his experience in SP

11 Apr 2023

James Teo is part of the Class of 2023 from the School of Computing, graduating with a Diploma in Infocomm Security Management. Having held leadership positions such as the president of SP Fencing Club, forging strong friendships, and volunteering during his SP journey and on his own accord, it's clear that James has made the most of his past three years at SP.

"Despite the disruptions of the pandemic, my SP learning journey and experience have been an awesome adventure. I am grateful for the cultivation and care that SP and the teaching staff have given me. The friends I have made here are also my buddies for life. To the graduating Class of 2023, I urge everyone to go all out and do their best. When it is time for you to give back to SP, please don't hesitate. Good luck and I wish everyone the best! Non scholae sed vitae."

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The article was first published on SP Instagram.

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