3B83-UOB Redesign Web Portal Poster

UOB Redesign Web Portal

UOB's current business banking website faces many issues, ranging from poor user interface to unclear navigation. The project that we are undertaking will be to redesign the website, improving on all these problems while also making it appeal to more potential customers and create more user engagement.

The steps that we have taken to achieve this is by firstly undertaking content auditing through user survey, looking at best practices and web analytics data. Next, we provide a foundation for our development work through prototyping, where we create layouts and sitemaps through adobe XD. Finally, we develop the new business banking website through the use of HTML, Bootstrap, jQuery and CSS.

Our main goal is to create a modern website for UOB that looks modern and provides an excellent user experience to their target audience. In addition, we also created a new sitemap that merges both Commercial Banking and Business Banking to improve the flow of the site and create ease of use for users.

Through this project, we are brought along a web development learning journey whereby we learnt more about the finance sector, the various banking products there are and the website architecture of banks.


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