3A69-Project Crisis-Poster

Project Crisis

The FYP Project done by Group 11 is a Machine Learning Cyber Range project, sponsored by Mr. Ng Pan Yong of The Cyber Assembly (TCA). This project constitutes the creation of a Capture-The-Flag Competition that will be used in a future Division0 meetup, and includes four different challenges. These challenges include the Analysis of Distributed Denial of Service Attacks (DDoS), the analysis of malware traffic, the analysis of Phishing Emails, and the analysis of malicious web traffic, with the goal of allowing Cybersecurity professionals to learn and understand the attack vectors of Artificial Intelligence in the Cyber Security Landscape today. The deliverables of the project includes four different Jupyter Notebooks, of which each Jupyter Notebook contains different Capture-The-Flag Challenges, to be implemented into a competition using the CTFd daemon. Ultimately, this project hopes to connect people to cyber skills, and also to introduce new concepts to both amateurs and Cybersecurity professionals.


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