AMKH-THKH Recruitment Tracker

Ang Mo Kio-Thye Hua Kwan Hospital’s HR department does not have an efficient system to track the recruitment efforts of the various HR Business Partners. The current existing system is tedious and time consuming, which in turns reduces workplace productivity and profit. With the implementation of a more technologically advanced system, capable of tracking recruitment information and HR Business Partners statistics, will provide quick and easy access to all information required in the requirement process. With the implementation of features such as sending email with the use of templates and exporting data to excel, the client will reduce inconsistencies in official documents used and sent to members of the public.

The target audience of the project are the HR Business Partners, which will use the system during the recruitment process to store and track information of potential recruitments and job openings. In addition to storing information, the system will simplify and improve other aspects such as the completion of Interview Evaluation Forms and the standardization of emails sent which are crucial to the recruitment process.

This project aims to meet the client's expectations and deliver a system which will be used even after the end of the project.