Posting Results

The JAE posting results are scheduled to be released on 4 February 2020. JAE applicants may check their posting results through the following channels:

Acceptance of Offer

If you have been offered a course in SP, you should receive an enrolment package by end February - early March. After you have received the enrolment package from SP, you must complete the enrolment process by the date stated in the package. If your enrolment is not completed by the date indicated, you will be deemed to have forfeited your place. Your place will then be made available to other eligible applicants appealing for a place in the course. For more information on the enrolment process, please check out the following enrolment web page.

JAE Appeals Exercise - 4 February 2020 (9.00 am) to 7 February 2020 (4.00 pm)

If you have not been posted to a course or wish to transfer to another poly course, you may submit an online appeal. This is a joint appeal exercise for the 5 polytechnic courses, therefore you need not submit separate appeals to the individual polytechnics. JAE appellants have up to 6 appeal choices. To be eligible to submit an appeal for a course, the appellant must meet the entry requirements and the 2020 JAE ELR2B2 for the course.

Alternatively, you may come down to SP to use our Internet service as we will be providing some notebooks for your use.

Event:JAE Appeals Exercise @ SP
Venue:Block T16 Level 3 Room 2 (T1632)
Date & Time:

4 February 2020, Tuesday (9am to 4pm)

5 February 2020, Wednesday (9am to 4pm)

6 February 2020, Thursday  (9am to 4pm)

7 February 2020, Friday (9am to 4pm)

The outcome of the appeal will be available on 20 February 2020 (9.00am) at the same appeal website.
Please login to the same website to check the outcome of your appeal:

Important Note: Please note that your previous posting received under JAE will be revoked if your JAE Appeal is successful. Otherwise, your previous posting will be retained if your JAE Appeal is unsuccessful. Please consider carefully before submitting your appeal.

If you are unsuccessful for your JAE Appeals, you may submit an appeal using the SP e-Appeals Form. Please note that if you have submitted an appeal for an SP course under the JAE Appeals Exercise and another appeal through the SP e-Appeals Form for the same course, your SP e-Appeals Form will be invalidated.

For enquiries, please contact us at 6775-1133 or send us an email.


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