DLA Alumni Career Talk 2021

Tricia Fu who completed her diploma in 2017 with DLA (Diploma in Landscape Architecture) reached out to a DLA Lecturer and expressed her interest to share her fruitful LA journey with current DLA students. Tapping on her past experience organizing alumni events and her close relations with DLA Alumni, Lecturer Marilyn Bergonia organized a hybrid event for this career talk in Sep 2021.


DLA Alumni Career pic1Speakers (DLA Alumni) getting ready for hybrid event in ABE Conference Room while DLA students participated in the event online.


DLA Alumni Career pic2 2021Sasha who now lives in New Zealand showed her work done as a university undergraduate and her experience with temperate plant palette in different seasons working as a Landscape Architect in Morgan and Pollard, NZ.


Alicia, a Senior Landscape Architect in the National Parks Board (NParks) shared her experience with public engagement and highlighted differences in LA professional practice in the government and private sectors. Halley, a Landscape Architect in COEN Design International showed his completed projects, recommended key readings to students and shared his exposure when he travelled overseas for work. Ubaid, a Landscape Coordinator in BSG Landscape and Construction Pte Ltd emphasized how maintenance in landscape spaces is as important as designing the spaces. Tricia, a Project Manager with COEN Design International encouraged students to take pride in acquiring technical knowledge to spread awareness about how ample soil depth is crucial for a successful landscape design to thrive.


DLA Alumni Career pic3 2021The webinar’s final slide shows Tricia’s parting advice to current DLA students to motivate them to keep learning.

DLA who attended the hybrid Career Talk could all identify with one or all the career paths taken by the speakers. Some students’ key takeaways from the event were:


“Be upfront about what I want to learn and do not worry too much about not having enough experience, everyone starts from ground zero.”


“Keep learning and explore which field of work in the LA industry best fits my aspirations.”


“Work hard to achieve what we want. Enjoy landscape and one day we will be successful.”


DLA Alumni Career pic4 2021(From left) Alicia Soh, Haley Harrison, Sasha Sheremetieva, Tricia Fu, Muhammad Ubaid,Yaacob and Marilyn Bergonia.



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