My Bulim Park Diorama Challenge

My Bulim Park Diorama Challenge is a collaboration with JTC and NParks to engage the public to share their vision for Bulim Park which will be ready in 2024. The challenge took place from 19 November 2021 to 2 January 2022.


The challenge consisted of two segments: participants crafting dioramas and a Social Media Contest with two categories – Most Popular and Most Creative Dioramas. There were a total of $300 NTUC Vouchers to be won.


The team was responsible for conceptualising the event activities, creating the test model and filming the tutorial video. They also set up and managed event Facebook page and engaged public with interactive posts, communicated and liaised with different stakeholders to promote the event, and handled logistic matters.  


The team found the experience rewarding and gained many hands-on experiences with this large scale event. They were also happy to be able to enhance awareness of Bulim Park to participants and voters.


My Bulim Park Diorama Challenge pic1a

Launching the event in Facebook Page



My Bulim Park Diorama Challenge pic2a

Putting up the instruction video online



My Bulim Park Diorama Challenge pic3

Some of the diaoramas done by the participants



My Bulim Park Diorama Challenge pic4

Team photo with sample diaorama


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