SAFRA Punggol Enchanted Kingdom 2021

SAFRA Punggol Enchanted Kingdom 2021 was a collaboration between students from the Diploma of Integrated Events and Project Management (DEPM) and SAFRA Punggol to celebrate Halloween. They also host many events such as Chinese New Year and a Pororo Party.

The objective of SAFRA Halloween was to not only promote SAFRA Punggol, but also to provide a place and opportunity for family bonding through the Halloween event.

The team was responsible for ideating, planning and conceptualising the SAFRA Punggol Halloween 2021, assist in the procurement of event items and set-up of the event spaces, assist in manpower and budget allocations and execute the operation during the event days.

All in all, the partnership with SAFRA Punggol proved to be a valuable and beneficial experience in providing the team with deep insights on the step-by-step event process of a family event. It was a truly meaningful and adventurous experience for the team.

SAFRA Punggol Enchanted Kingdom 2021_pic1 edited
Invitation to the SAFRA Punggol Halloween 2021


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Preparing goodybags & Young Participants


SAFRA Punggol Enchanted Kingdom 2021_pic4 edited
Team Picture


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