Prototyping Sustainable Engineering Solutions

Prototyping Sustainable Engineering Solutions : (1) Bioplastic Making Merit Awardees in Engineering Innovation Challenge (from left to right) Ho Ren Pin, Tan Jia Xin, Raviruchiphun Peravit

Prototyping Sustainable Engineering Solutions : (1) Bioplastic Making_1 (from left to right) Tan Fu Cai, Zhang Yun Jie , Eugene Christopher, Ang Zheng Kai holding the prototypes of Bio-Oxygenator and Bio-degradable Plastic.

The aim of this sustainable engineering solution project is to create a prototype Bioplastic from organic waste. In this project, a group of final year students tested a series of organic waste such as durian rind, seaweed and palm fronds as materials in the development of the bioplastic. An industry partner, one of the leading palm oil producers, has provided support for the development of this bioplastic. Throughout the project, the students were exposed to working in the AMTC and utilised some of the latest equipment to analyse and test the results under direction and supervision from ABE supervisor and AMTC (Advanced Material and Technology Centre) mentor.

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Dr Handojo Djati Utomo, ABE

Dr Li Chunxiang, AMTC

Dr Liew Kian Heng

Liew Strategics


Zhang Yun Jie

Tan Fu Cai

Ang Zheng Kai

Eugene Christopher

Tan Jia Xin

Ho Ren Pin

Raviruchiphun Peravit


Diploma in Civil Engineering with Business


Dashley Innotech Pte Ltd

Liew Strategics

SP Sustainability Matters