Nurturing the healthcare professionals of the future

29 Jul 2020

This year, a total of nine graduates from the Diploma in Applied Chemistry with Pharmaceutical Science (DACP) (now, renamed to Diploma in Applied Chemistry), Diploma in Biomedical Science (DBS), Diploma in Biotechnology (DBT) (now, merged into DBS), Diploma in Nutrition, Health & Wellness (DNHW) (now, merged into Diploma in Food Science & Technology) and Diploma in Optometry (DOPT) received Healthcare scholarships to further their studies.

The scholarships fully cover tuitions and compulsory fees for the duration of their studies, and even provide recipients with a monthly allowance for living expenses. Upon graduation, they would serve out their bond at one of the public healthcare clusters.

To all our graduates who have received their scholarship to pursue allied healthcare disciplines, congratulations!

  • Wong Jun Keat (DACP, Class of 2018)


  • Koh Jun Jie (DBS, Class of 2018)


  • Lau Shu Yi (DBS, Class of 2020)


  • Mok Yong Ting (DBT, Class of 2020)


  • Chan Tong, Tricia (DNHW, Class of 2020)


  • Moy Yu Wei (DNHW, Class of 2020)


  • Tan Yien Shalene @ Chen Yingyin (DNHW, Class of 2020)


  • Jocelyn Wong Su-Lyn (DNHW, Class of 2020)


  • Cheng Zhi Liang Ashleigh (DOPT, Class of 2015)


Footnote: The ceremony was held online on 29 July 2020.

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