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Driving innovations in Additive Manufacturing (AM) through collaborations

Additive Manufacturing (AM) is a rapidly evolving technology. It is reaching a wider range of manufacturing sectors with potential benefits to various applications. Companies are exploring AM as a new technology and strategy to create customised and personalised end parts and meet the needs of the market. Thus, a collaboration between Singapore Polytechnic and Industries is beneficial to enterprises to drive innovations in Additive Manufacturing, bringing the processing expertise and AM solutions to meet the specifications of the industrial applications, as well as bridging the gap in talent development to meet the requirement of the AM skilled workforce. 

The Innovation Centre for Additive Manufacturing (ICAM) aims to advance the technology and capability development of AM for manufacturing industries by leveraging on Singapore Polytechnic’s strength in engineering. 

Application Areas - Additive manufacturing for precision engineering and manufacturing industry with focus on transportation (aviation & maritime) and healthcare applications. 

Education and Training - Training and upskilling of local talent in AM for precision engineering and manufacturing industries

Concept Validation and Technology Refinement - Translational projects to bring AM innovations into commercial applications

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Project Collaboration training programme Industry Consultancy student internship

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