At SP Engineering, our unique blend of Spaces, Pedagogy, Achievements, Connections and Experience (S.P.A.C.E) will guide you to change your world.

S I can explore new spaces
SP Engineering Facilities allow you to explore and create new ideas.

Our very own cloud centre Robotics Lab Marine Machinery Simulator
Take a close up look at SP’s fully equipped cloud centre which can power up to 400 virtual machines and start 240 server virtual machines in six minutes - 20 times faster than the standard industry benchmark. Work, socialise and learn to build your own robot by combining cutting edge technologies including human robot interaction and ambient intelligence in our dedicated robotics learning spaces and workshops. Solve unexpected engine problems on board a ship in our realistic and interactive simulator without getting wet
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PI can inspire others around me
SP Engineering Facilities allow you to explore and create new ideas.


AI can achieve my goals
SP Engineering provides you with a holistic and well-rounded education that focuses on developing both soft and practical skills.

Su Yu Ping Ang Boon Kiat Divesh S/O Singaraju
Discover a sustainable future with chemical engineering. Never too late to chase success. Flying high with an indomitable spirit.
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CI can expand my horizon
SP Engineering Facilities allow you to explore and create new ideas.

DCEB students win top prizes at BCA’s Productivity Race 2014 Powerful Scholarships Aero Boys and Girls in China
DCEB students put their knowledge and skills to the test in an industry competition. SP students and graduates seized the initiative and received seven out of the 13 inaugural Singapore Power Nithiah Nandan Polytechnic Engineering Scholarships that were given out this year. Shermain Lim shares about her internship experience at Pratt and Whitney, one of the world’s biggest aircraft engine manufacturers. She also offers tips on bargaining in Beijing!
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EI can unleash my potential
SP equips you not only for academic excellence, but also opens your perspectives to the needs of the world, and a desire to help better them.

Snow Storms, Warm People and … Cement SP Cares
SP students go on overseas community service trips to learn to be socially responsible and involved in the lives of other peoples. Read about one of their trips to Shangri-La, China. Besides their main coursework, engineering students also get opportunities to work on technology with medical functions to help the injured rehabilitate their bodies or assist the elderly in daily life.
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