MAE brings out the A in ME!



Besides learning the basic knowledge and skills on mechanical engineering, students get to explore how planes fly, conduct aircraft structure design & analysis, and examine various aircraft systems that assist the aircraft during take-off, cruise and landing.

The course will also give you a head start in gaining the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer license, issued by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore.

Course Highlights

  • Local and overseas internships with leading aerospace companies such as Pratt & Whitney, ST Aerospace, Bombardier and Ameco.
  • Curriculum is aligned to Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore’s Airworthiness Requirements, which gives you a head start in getting your license as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. You can also sit for the examinations in order to attain the license while you’re still in SP.
  • A new AERO HUB to facilitate specialized training on aircraft, R&D on unmanned flying machines, flight simulation, propulsion systems, composite materials and operations of various aircraft systems.
  • You can gain direct entry into the second year of the Mechanical Engineering degree in NUS or NTU.


School:School of Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering
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Course Manager:Chua Ming Sing
Tel:(65) 6870-4658
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