Part-Time Diploma and Post-Diploma Courses

Get the best training from highly qualified professors through Part-Time Diploma courses & Post-Diploma courses at the Singapore-based academy - PACE.

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Workforce Skills Qualifications

Take admission for WSQ programmes at PACE to receive upgraded guidance and assistance from some of the most successful industry luminaries & experts.

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Short & Modular Courses

Short courses, blended learning courses and online programmes, offered at PACE, are designed for busy working individuals who seek career enhancement.

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Online Courses

Whether you want to pursue online business management courses or online maritime courses, PACE is an academy you must check out for better training.

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Work-Study Programmes

In addition to classroom-centric programmes, CHECK OUT Work-Study Programmes with significant components of employer-led workplace learning, particularly on-the-job-training (OJT).

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PACE is also an assessment centre for various vocational tests such as TDVL/PDVL tests.

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