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Please submit the request via STEP student portal or email to

Certification Letter Request

  • Student status
  • Attendance summary
  • Completion of modular certificate/post-diploma certificate/diploma

Request Description – Cost (after GST)

Reprint of Academic Transcript - $10.90 per copy

Reprint of Modular Certificate (MC) - $21.80 per MC

Reprint of Post-Diploma Certificate (PDC) - $21.80 per PDC

Replacement of Full Qualification Certificate * - $21.80 per certificate
*Only 1 replacement is allowed per graduate for each course completed

Syllabus (sent to Local Institution) - $10.90 per set

Syllabus (sent to Overseas Institution) - $21.80 per set

Request form to Repeat Failed Modules

The request form for repeating failed modules will be accessible once the semester exam results are released.

If your request is submitted after the deadline*, your request will not be considered for the upcoming semester.

For request to repeat failed module(s) to April semester, the deadline will be last day of March.
For request to repeat failed module(s) to October semester, the deadline will be last day of September.



Please submit the request via STEP student portal or email to

Student may appeal for a review of module grade in the semester examination. All appeals must be lodged within 4 working days after the release of the semester results.

Appeals made after the deadline will not be entertained. Please note that only ONE such appeal can be lodged. No re-appeals are permitted.

* A non-refundable fee of S$27.25 (inclusive of GST) per module will be charged for the appeal.





Higher Education Bursary

(Previously known as MOE Bursary)




Eligibility Criteria

  • Singaporeans
  • Subsidised full qualification part-time diploma students (Exclude Diploma in Maritime and Offshore Management, advanced diploma, specialist diploma, diploma (Conversion), Work-Study Programmes (WSP), and modular courses.
  • Gross monthly Household Income (GHI) of immediate and non-immediate family member of $10,000 and below, or Per Capita Income (PCI) of $2,500 and below
  • Not a recipient of full scholarship (cover tuition fees and allowance) in the same academic year. 

Online bursary application will be open for four weeks starting from 3rd week after semester commencement. (October 2023 semester application date: 30 Oct 2023 to 24 Nov 2023 (extended to 30 Nov 2023).


Application outcome will be released by early-Apr 2024.

Part-Time Diploma Students (Singaporean):

Gross GHI/PCI **
GHI: $4,400 and below, or 
PCI: $1,100 and below
$425 / Semester
GHI: $4,401 - $7,500, or 
PCI: $1,101 - $1,875
$355 / Semester
GHI: $7,501 - $10,000, or 
PCI: $1,876 - $2,500
$160 / Semester






Assignment Cover Sheet for WSH Courses

Applicable to all WSH participants

Assignment Cover Sheet for SDOH

Applicable to all SDOH participants