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Work-Study Programme

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Grow your workforce with Work-Study Programme (WSP)

WSP offers the opportunity to hire and retain talents equipped with in-demand skills through structured progression pathways.

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For individuals keen to sign up for WSP to start on a rewarding career and attain higher academic qualifications at the same time,

click here to visit the WSP page for Individuals.

To be eligible for WSP

  • graduate

    Your company is a Singapore-registered company and needs to sign a Letter of Offer (LOO) before commencement of WSP

  • national service

    Your company has available and suitable vacancies targeted under the programme

  • passport

    Your company can provide career development, progression opportunities and competitive wages to WSP participants


WSP Participating Companies need to have the in-house capability and capacity to conduct structured workplace learning. WSP Participating Companies are highly encouraged to commit resources e.g. provide qualified mentors and trainers, workplace learning opportunities and human resource support for WSP participants to learn at work.


Explore our Work-Study Programmes

  • Work-Study Certificates leading to Part-time Diploma

    For NITEC / Higher NITEC Graduates

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  • Work-Study Post-Diploma

    For Diploma Graduates

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Benefits of a WSP Participating Company

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    Plug your Company's Manpower and Skills Gaps

    • Recruit from a fresh and wide talent pool
    • SP will match candidates to the job roles you need to fill and conduct well-structured skills and competencies training
    • If your company has an employee who meets the eligibility criteria as a WSP participant, you may also join as WSP participating company to leverage this opportunity to train your employee 
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    Receive Course Fee and Company Grants

    • Course fee grant of up to 90% for SMEs
    • Company grants of up to $15,000 per candidate* per company to defray costs of developing and providing structured On-the-Job Training (OJT) e.g Mentorship allowance, OJT Blueprint development, OJT Blueprint assessment, administrative grant etc.


    Note: Company grants are only applicable for companies who hire WSP Participants who are Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents/LTVP+ from ITE/Polytechnic within 5 years of graduation or ORD. This is applicable to both new hires and in-employment participants from the identified feeder cohorts. 

    Companies with in-employment participants who do not fall within the qualifying period or identified feeder cohorts will receive Absentee Payroll for supporting their staff upskilling through WSP.

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    Grow your Talent Pipeline in the Long-term

    • Retain suitable talents with in-demand skills, knowledge and the aptitude to meet your company's needs in the long run with structured OJT, Mentorship and Career Progression Pathways

Sign up as Participating Company

Sign up as Participating Company

We will get in touch with you to address your queries (if any) and send you a Letter of Offer (LOO).

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