Course Name
Advanced Diploma in Building Automation & Services
Advanced Diploma in Power System Engineering
Advanced Diploma in Process Control & Instrumentation
Advanced Fire Fighting Course
Advanced Operations of Drones/Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Advanced Training for Oil Tanker Cargo Operations
Analytics and Computational Modelling
Application for Certificate Of Competency 1st Grade Steam Engineer
Application for Certificate Of Competency 2nd Grade Steam Engineer
Application for Class 1 Boiler Attendant Competency
Application for Class 2 Boiler Attendant Competency
Application of Workplace Safety and Health Guidelines in Event Management
Applied Data Analytics in Business
AutoCAD 2018 Basics (2D & 3D)
Basic Electricity and Electronics
Basic Tanker Training - Oil, Chemical and Liquified Gas Tankers
Big Data Analytics
Bridging Module - Assessment (Chemistry / Physics / Mathematics)
Business and Science of Coffee
Business and Science of Tea
Business Needs Analysis - a Data-Driven Approach
Certificate for Employment Intermediaries
Certified Data Analyst
Certified Ethical Hacker
Class 1 Boiler Attendant Course
Class 2 Boiler Attendant Course
CoC 3 e-Learning
CoC 5 e-Learning
CoC Class 1 Marine Engineer Officer (Orals)
Data Analytics Using R
Data Engineering for effective Data Analytics
Data Visualization with Qlik
Data Visualization with Tableau
Digital Painting for Illustration and Concept Art
Diploma (Conversion) in Computer Networking
Diploma (Conversion) in Maritime Business Management
Diploma (Conversion) in Marketing Management with Digital Marketing
Diploma (Conversion) in Supply Chain Management and Innovation
Diploma (Conversion) in Web and Programming
Diploma in Business Practice (Accounting)
Diploma in Business Practice (Business Management)
Diploma in Business Practice (Human Capital)
Diploma in Design (Interior Design)
Diploma in Design (Visual Communication)
Diploma in Engineering (Advanced Manufacturing)
Diploma in Engineering (Computer Network & Systems)
Diploma in Engineering (Control and Automation)
Diploma in Engineering (Mechanical Technology)
Diploma in Engineering (Power Engineering)
Diploma in Engineering (Rapid Transit Technology)
Diploma in Infocomm and Digital Media (Cyber Security)
Diploma in Maritime and Offshore Management
Diploma in Quantity Surveying (Measurement & Contract Administration)
Driving HR Innovation through Design Thinking, HR Analytics and HR Technology (DHRI)
Emergency, Occupational Safety and Survival Revalidation Course
Environmental Control Officer
Environmental Infection Control and Management in Non-Hospital Facilities
Essential Revit MEP Modelling
Executive Masterclass in Contract Claims, Variations and Disputes for Built Environment
Fab Academy Diploma (2020)
FDW-EOP Foreign Domestic Worker Employers' Orientation Programme (Classroom)
FDW-EOP Foreign Domestic Worker Employers' Orientation Programme (Online)
FinTech – Blockchain (Beginners)
FinTech Fundamentals Programme
Fire Safety Manager Course
Fundamental Data Analysis using Excel 2016
Fundamentals of Applied Quantitative Data Analytics using R
Fundamentals of Plastics Technology
Geospatial 101
Global Maritime Distress Safety System - General Operator Certificate (GMDSS GOC)
High Voltage Installations Management
HR Mindsets and Behaviours
Import/Export Business and International Trade
Import/Export Practices and Effective Uses of Letter of Credit
Industrial Additive Manufacturing for Practitioners
Introduction to AI and Machine Learning
Introduction to Occupational Safety & Health
Introduction To Personal Investing
Introduction to Stocks and Bonds
Introduction to WSH (Design for Safety) Regulation
IoT and Hybrid Mobile App Development
Labour Policies & Legislation
Learn to use iPhone effectively
Lift Course for Facility Managers
Lighting Design Fundamentals
LNG Bunkering Course (Management and Operational Level)
Operational Use of ECDIS (IMO Model Course 1.27)
Operationalising Additive Manufacturing: Comprehensive overview of processes, codes, standards, quality control and assurance, and certification
Personal Money Management and Financial Planning
Powered Pleasure Craft Driving Licence (PPCDL Course)
Powered Pleasure Craft Driving Licence (PPCDL English Theory Test)
Powered Pleasure Craft Driving Licence (PPCDL Handling Assessment)
Powered Pleasure Craft Driving Licence (PPCDL Malay Theory Test)
Powered Pleasure Craft Driving Licence (PPCDL Mandarin Theory Test)
Practitioner Certificate in Personal Data Protection (Singapore) Preparatory Course
Predictive Analytics
Preparatory for CAAS Operator Permit in Flying DJI Phantom 4 Pro Quadcopter
Preparatory Mathematics for Universities (PMU)
Proficiency In Designated Security Duties
Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boat - Other Than a Fast Rescue Boat
Real Estate Valuation
Robotic Process Automation
Ship Security Officer
Shipboard Training and Assessment Course (E-Learning)
SolidWorks – 3D Modelling and Drawing
Specialist Diploma in Applied Drama & Psychology
Specialist Diploma in Biomedical Engineering
Specialist Diploma in Cosmetic Science
Specialist Diploma in Cyber Security Management
Specialist Diploma in Data Science (Artificial Intelligence)
Specialist Diploma in Data Science (Predictive Analytics)
Specialist Diploma in Digital Marketing & Analytics
Specialist Diploma in Digital Technologies for a Smart City
Specialist Diploma in Energy Efficiency & Management
Specialist Diploma in Energy Management for Cleanroom Facility
Specialist Diploma in Enhanced Human Resource Skills
Specialist Diploma in Full Stack Web Development
Specialist Diploma in Management Accounting and Analytics
Specialist Diploma in Maritime Superintendency
Specialist Diploma in Network Security
Specialist Diploma in Professional Accounting
Specialist Diploma in Technology, Innovation and Analytics for Financial Sector Professionals
Specialist Diploma in User Experience and Digital Product Design
Statistics and Data Analysis
Strata Management
Strategies for effective Data and Information Management
Visual Analytics using Power BI
Water Efficiency Manager
Work-Study Certificate (Digital Content Marketing)
Work-Study Certificate (Maritime (Seafaring Deck Officer))
Work-Study Certificate (Maritime (Seafaring Marine Engineer))
Work-Study Certificate (part-time Diploma in Applied Science (Chemical Laboratory Technology))
Work-Study Certificate (part-time Diploma in Engineering (Advanced Manufacturing))
Work-Study Certificate (part-time Diploma in Engineering (Control and Automation))
Work-Study Certificate (part-time Diploma in Engineering (Electrical - Rapid Transit Technology))
Work-Study Certificate (part-time Diploma in Engineering (Mechanical - Rapid Transit Technology))
Work-Study Certificate (part-time Diploma in Engineering (Power Engineering))
Work-Study Post-Diploma (Advanced Diploma in Applied Food Science)
Work-Study Post-Diploma (Advanced Diploma in Chemical Engineering)
Work-Study Post-Diploma (Advanced Diploma in Power Engineering)
Work-Study Post-Diploma (Specialist Diploma in Cyber Security)
Work-Study Post-Diploma (Specialist Diploma in Port Management and Operations)
WSQ Advanced Certificate in Workplace Safety and Health (Level B)
WSQ Apply Food Safety Management Systems for Food Service Establishments (FSMS)
WSQ Certificate in Workplace Safety and Health (Level A)
WSQ Follow Good Biosafety Practices
WSQ Fundamentals of the Personal Data Protection Act
WSQ Implement Advanced Food Hygiene Practices
WSQ Manage Hazardous Substances
WSQ Specialist Diploma in Workplace Safety and Health (Level C)


Course Name
ADDING LIFE TO YEARS Beverage Solutions for Silver Agers
Advanced Certificate of Performance in Ophthalmic Dispensing
Advanced Certificate of Performance in Ophthalmic Dispensing & Refraction
Advanced Machining Processes
Advanced Manufacturing and Industrial IoT
Advanced Manufacturing Lead - AMLead
Advanced PPCDL Course
Advanced Revit MEP Modelling
Advanced Training For Liquefied Gas Tanker Cargo Operations
Advanced Training for service on ships subject to the IGF Code
Advancements in Clinical Diagnostics - Next Generation Sequencing
AI e-enabled Robotics for Beginners
Alternative Pathways for Licensed Electrical Workers – Licensed Electrical Technician Preparatory Course
Alternative Pathways for Licensed Electrical Workers – Licensed Electrician Preparatory Course
Amazon Web Services Cloud Computing Architecture
Analytics for Educators I
Application of Design Thinking
Application of Robotics
Appreciation of IoT and Data Management
Attach and Train Programme (ANT)- Food Production Specialist
Attach and Train Programme for Biologics Manufacturing (AnT Biologics)
Attract 3x more Customers & Clients
Autonomous Robots and Computer Vision
Basic Digital Confidence
Basic Digital Confidence - Digital Confidence for Communication and Collaboration
Basic Digital Confidence - Digital Confidence for Internet of Things & Cybersecurity
Basic Digital Confidence - Digital Confidence for Problem Solving
Basic Digital Confidence - Digital Confidence for Productivity
Basic Electrical Installation and Control
Basic Occupational Safety & Security Training (BOSST)
Basic Training for service on ships subject to the IGF Code
Basics of Workplace-Based Learning - the OJT way
Benefits of using Analytics for Start-ups and SMEs
BIM Advance Essential Training
BIM Advanced (Architecture Track & Structure Track Combined)
BIM Basic Essential Training
BIM Basics
BIM Intermediate (Architecture & Structure Track Combined)
BIM Intermediate Essential Training
Boat Engine Maintenance
Bolts & Nuts of Training Needs Analysis
Bookkeeping & Accounting Level 2
Bookkeeping Level 01 (Classroom)
Bridge and Engine Room Resource Management (Management and Leadership Skills)
Bridge and Engine Room Resource Management (Management and Leadership Skills) - Bridging
Bridge and Engine Room Resource Management (Operational)
Building an IoT (Internet of Things) Project
Building Contract Administration for Variations & Claims
Certificate Course in 1st Grade Steam Engineers
Certificate Course in 1st Grade Steam Engineers (Re-Examination)
Certificate Course in 2nd Grade Steam Engineers
Certificate Course in 2nd Grade Steam Engineers (Re-Examination)
Certificate in Analytical Instrumentation & Laboratory Techniques
Certificate in Chemical Process Operation and Control
Certificate of Performance in Coaching
Certificate of Performance in Facilitation Skills
Certificate of Performance in Guidance and Support Practice
Certificate of Performance in Supporting Growth Learning Environment
Certified Application Security Engineer
Certified Secure Computer User
Certified Secure Programmer
Certified Wine Advisor Examination
Chemical and Workplace Safety for Specialty Chemicals
Chemical Management and Workplace Safety
Class 1 Boiler Attendant Examination
Class 2 Boiler Attendant Examination
Collaborative Robots Programming and Applications
Computer Control Systems
Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator
Computer Network Control with PLC and SCADA
Concept in Materials and Detailing (Concrete)
Conflict Management and Negotiation Skills
Convert-To-Sales Tactics: Turn People Who Are 'Just Looking' Into Confirmed Buyers
Crafting impactful presentation
Creative and Critical Thinking at the Workplace (Basic)
Creative and Critical Thinking at the Workplace (Intermediate)
Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making
Creative Story Making – Introduction to Storytelling
Cyber Security for Non-IT Professionals
Cyber Security Range Essentials
Data Analysis using Python
Data Analytics for Industrial Applications
Data Analytics Project Scoping
Data Visualization with Python
Data Wrangling, Analysis and Visualisation
Design Thinking 101
Design Thinking for Business Innovation
Designing Effective Infographics
Designing your Business Experience (New)
Digital Leadership in Advanced Manufacturing
Digital Marketing and Analytics for SMEs
Digital Technologies for a Smart City
Digital Transformation of Manufacturing
Edupreneur The Business of Education
Effective Communications Skills for Business Success
Effective Digital Marketing and Sales
Effective Negotiation Skills
Effective Report Writing
Emotional Intelligence and Psychology
Enhance Personal Effectiveness at Work and Life through Memory Techniques
Environmental Infection Control and Management in Non - Hospital Facilities (Refresher)
Essential Statistical Analysis
Essentials of Digital Marketing
Events Management
Expand Your Profits: Increase Your Customer's Buying Frequency and Amount Of Purchase
Finance for Non-Finance Managers
FinTech – Blockchain (Intermediate)
FinTech Essentials Programme
Foreign Languages (Korean / Japanese)
Fundamental Course on Vector Management and Control
Fundamentals of Composite Repairs
Fundamentals of Data Analytics
Fundamentals of Drones/Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
Fundamentals of Web Design and Development
Get Hired with Strategic Resumes
High Voltage Installations Operation
Holistic Approach in Binocular Vision Management
How to be a YouTuber (Content Creation for YouTube)
HR for Non-HR Managers
IDD Project Coordination & Documentation
IDD Project Planning
Import/Export Contract and International Trade Practices
Improving User Experiences with Design Thinking integrating Design into Business Innovation
Incident Response Management
Industrial Audiometry
Industrial Robotised Polishing
Industry Specialist AHK i4.0
Insights Discovery – Leadership Effectiveness
Insights Discovery, the beginning of self-discovery
Integrating Behavioural Safety Program with WSH Management System
Intermediate Robotic Process Automation
Interpersonal Communication, Active Listening & Empathetic Speaking
Introduction to 5G Technology and Applications
Introduction to Construction Industry Transformation Map [CITM] & IDD
Introduction to Data Analytics and Applications
Introduction to Digital Workplace Transformation
Introduction to Positive Psychology Coaching at the Workplace
Introduction to Predictive Analytics for Maintenance
Introduction to Quality Management System
Introduction to Service Innovation
Introduction to Ship General Arrangement and Construction
Introductory German
Introductory Short Course on Food Science & Technology
Japanese 1
Japanese 2
Japanese 3
Key Conversations with Singaporeans: Fake news and how it impacts the media, society and you
Kick-Start Your Career
Korean 1
Korean 2
Korean 3
Learn to Use an Android Phone effectively
Leather Craft for Beginners
Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship
LeverAGE – Building Effective Multi-Generational Work Teams
LNG Bunkering Course (Support and Emergency Level)
Making Sense of Corporate Taxation
Making Sense of Working Capital and Liquidity Management
Making Sense using Sensory Techniques
Managing Myopia from Young till Old
Managing Quality and Safety in Additive Manufacturing (AM)
Maritime Cyber Security (Basic) Training Programme
Mindset For Sales Success
National Silver Academy
Next Generation Sequencing for Diagnostics
Nonparametric Statistics
Operation of Standby Generators
People Management and Development Essentials
Personal care ingredients
Personal care products
Power and Earthing
Power System Operation and Analysis using Simulation
Practical Approach to Cloud Computing
Practical Approach to Wireless and Computer Networks
Preparatory Course for CoC 1 and CoC 2 Part A
Preparatory Course for COC Class 1 Deck Officer (Orals and Shiphandling)
Preparatory Physics for Universities (PPU)
Primary Eye Care Workshop for Optometrists
Principles and Practices in Immunohaematology
Procurement Management and Tender Evaluation for Construction and Facilities Projects
Product Design using AR and Lattice Optimization Techniques
Professional Branding with LinkedIn
Professional Chartered Accountancy
Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) for Blockchain Application Junior Developer
Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) for Chemicals Manufacturing
Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) for for Sea Transport Professionals
Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) for Utilities Engineer / Assistant Engineer
Program and Operate Robots in Manufacturing
Project Management Professional Training
Refresher course for the GMDSS General Operator’s Certificate (GOC)
Relationship Marketing & Digital Customer Relationship Management
Report Writing and Effective Communication
Rhino3D Design and Fabrication Workshop
Risk Management in Event Planning
Science and Business of Wine
Scriptwriting for Web Series
Seafarers' Training, Certification And Watchkeeping
Selecting Additive Manufacturing (AM) Materials and Processes
Sensor Technology and Traceability for Digital Manufacturing
Service & Process Innovation Design
Skills@Work Forum
Skills@Work Forum - Developing a CBE programme for Adult Learners using CBEN Framework
SkillsFuture for Digital Workplace (SFDW)
Social Media Marketing for your Business
Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System Know-how
Stackable Modular Courses
Storytelling for Children’s Entertainment (Advanced)
Storytelling for Children’s Entertainment (Intermediate)
Storytelling for Factual and Entertainment Programmes
Storytelling for Factual Content (Advanced)
Storytelling for Factual Content (Intermediate)
Storytelling for Reality Series (Advanced)
Storytelling for Reality Series (Intermediate)
Substance Painter and Designer for Environment Design
Survival Bahasa Indonesia
Survival Japanese
Survival Korean
Technology and Applications of Digital Transformation and Robotics
Technology-Enabled Learning - Facilitate Elearning
Theory and Clinical Practice of Phlebotomy
Transform your Business with Ecommerce
Transmedia Storytelling
Understanding BIM Data and Modelling
Understanding Construction Site Management
Understanding of Financial Reports for Small and Medium Enterprise
Understanding of Financial Reports for SME Owners & Non-Financial Managers
UX in Interior Spaces
VR 360 Filmmaking
Vulnerability Assessment
What It Takes To Be A Winning Brand
What Makes Sense Financial Statements
Work-Learn Bootcamp for Engineer 4.0
Workplace Mentoring
WSQ - Install and Configure Fieldbus Control System
WSQ - Provide Advice on Wine
WSQ Apply Hygiene and Safety Practices in Food Manufacturing
WSQ Apply Packaging Materials and Technology in Food Packages
WSQ Control Noise And Vibration
WSQ Diploma in Freight and Transportation Services
WSQ Diploma in Warehouse Services
WSQ Follow Good Food Labelling Practices
WSQ Graduate Certificate in Workplace Safety and Health (Level D)
WSQ Implement Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) in Control Systems
WSQ Monitor Noise and Vibration
WSQ Perform Maintenance of Photovoltaic (PV) Systems
WSQ Specialist Diploma in Occupational Hygiene
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