The best of both worlds: Starting a career, while acquiring workplace skills and higher qualifications

06 Jun 2023

Channel News Asia Online, 5 June 2023 - Article featured Ms Firzanah, who spent two years in the workforce before realising that she wanted to shift her focus to cybersecurity after receiving her Diploma in Electronics in 2016. In August 2019, Ms Firzanah enrolled in the Work-Study Programme (WSP) for a Work-Study Post-Diploma (Specialist Diploma in Cyber Security) at SP. Through the programme, she was hired by Thermo Fisher Scientific, where she is currently a cybersecurity analyst after graduating from the WSP in July 2020. The WSP is a SkillsFuture initiative that aims to equip participants with relevant work experience and knowledge. Participants are matched with full-time jobs related to their chosen field of study and undergo a 12- to 18-month-long structured programme of on-the-job training, facilitated learning and work-based projects, all under the guidance of experienced workplace mentors. At the end of the programme, participants will have earned either a diploma or a post-diploma qualification, as well as the opportunity for career advancement or a wage increment based on their performance.


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