Chong Cai Ting Joscelyn

Chong Cai Ting Joscelyn

Dare To Be Different

  • Low Guan Onn Gold Medal
  • Alfred Robert Edis Prize

An alumna of Hong Kah Secondary School, Joscelyn scored five points for her G.C.E ‘O’ levels. Like many in her shoes, choosing a science related diploma seemed like the natural thing to do. However after her first year in Singapore Polytechnic(SP)’s Biomedical Science course, she realised that was not where her passion lies.

Joscelyn envisioned herself in a career which would allow her to engage more actively with people. She started to look for opportunities outside the Science discipline and chanced upon Human Resource (HR). After much research and consultation with lecturers and friends, Joscelyn made the brave decision to change her course and pursue a Diploma in Human Resource Management with Psychology (DHRMP) instead.

The decision to change her course was not an easy one to make. As she was new to this area of study, she felt uncertain. There were naysayers but she knew she had to push on to stay true to her interest and passion. This required Joscelyn to unlock every ounce of courage she possessed.

During her time in SP, Joscelyn soaked in as much HR knowledge as she could and also awakened her spirit to serve the community. Despite the hectic demands of her course, she also participated in the Singapore Human Resources Institute HR Hackathon and was actively involved in community work.

Joscelyn was also an ardent supporter of the elderly and children whom she engaged regularly via the SP Welfare Services Club and the SP Youth Community Leaders Programme. She would organise activities such as excursions and activities for the beneficiaries. Based on her experiences, Joscelyn hopes to mentor youths by tapping on her experiences to help them navigate through life’s challenges.

The precocious student accolades include being on the Director’s Honour Roll for two consecutive years. Joscelyn’s efforts see her graduating top of her cohort with a perfect grade point average.

During her internship with the Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices, Joscelyn had the opportunity to develop resources and guidelines that affect the employment standards of workers. She also conducted international scans and research on best employment practices. The internship experience was a good test of her HR skills and knowledge which she had been building on since year one.

The tenacious student also translated her HR skills and knowledge into her final-year project as she developed out-of-the-box solutions to help a local medium-sized bakery address its challenge in talent attraction. Her ideas were commended and adopted by the client after months of hard work. The satisfaction reaffirmed her decision to switch to the DHRMP course three years ago.

Joscelyn’s sterling results have already earned her the prestigious NUS scholarship and an offer to pursue a degree in Business Administration at the National University of Singapore. She has also been offered the Nanyang Scholarship and a spot to read Business at the Nanyang Technological University.

Sometimes, when one door closes, another door will open. Go chase your dream with courage, Joscelyn. SP will also be cheering for you!

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