Sarah Binte Nahar Azmi
Diploma in Media & Communication (DMC)

Chua Chor Teck Gold Medal

A communicator – sportswoman with a passion for people

Sparked off by a simple video montage that she developed to recognise the efforts of unsung heroes, such as the security officers, cleaner aunties and uncles, and canteen vendors in her school, Sarah Binte Nahar Azmi had no idea that her natural storytelling skills would lead her to pursue her studies in media and communication.

The Chua Chor Teck Gold Medal recipient fondly recalls how her interest in sharing people’s stories and content creation led her to enrol in Singapore Polytechnic’s (SP) Diploma in Media and Communication (DMC).  Encouraged by her lecturers, family and friends, she excelled in her studies in SP.  Through DMC, she discovered an interest in the business side of media, more specifically advertising, marketing and digital analytics.

Sarah has just completed her Global Entrepreneurial Internship Programme (GEIP), which immerses talented and passionate entrepreneurial students in overseas start-ups and innovation ecosystems. She was a marketing and global partnerships intern with DR Tech, an e-commerce start-up in Bangkok, Thailand. Although video editing modules were not her strong suit or her interest, she did her best to create and edit videos to make her French supervisor’s creative vision a reality.  She received a glowing report from her supervisor for the outstanding videos that she has created.

Having graduated from the Singapore Sports School and as a bowler for 12 years, Sarah is acutely aware of the importance of discipline and hard work.  Despite the many demands on her time, she has been able to juggle her responsibilities and studies without complaints.  She represented SP at the POL-ITE Tenpin Bowling Tournament 2021 (held in January 2022 due to the pandemic) and was ranked third for the Women’s Doubles Event, second for the Women’s Team Event and second for the Women’s Overall School Title.  She was also actively involved in the SP Bowling Club (SPBC), where she served as its Vice President, and a member of the Touch Rugby Team in SP.

Despite her tough sportswoman persona, Sarah also has a big heart for others. She participated in two rounds of Meals-On-Wheels with Touch Home Care.  With SPBC, she also organised a bowling workshop at the Singapore Polytechnic Graduates Guild (SPGG) for disadvantaged youths from Children’s Wishing Well to provide them with a fun opportunity to de-stress and learn bowling.

In all her interactions with classmates, lecturers and in the internship workplace, Sarah exemplifies the SP Core values of self-discipline, personal integrity, care and concern, openness, responsibility and excellence.  The enthusiastic communicator and disciplined sportswoman aspires to work in the education sector to create a more hands-on curriculum for students. She hopes to be involved in education policy-making, ensuring every child feels validated in the education system through academic validation, sporting achievements and excellence in the arts. This way, she could implement more strategies for students to excel in their pursuits, be it in the academics or the arts.

A mission that Sarah is passionate about is her desire to give back to the Malay/Muslim community in Singapore and offer more educational opportunities for Malay youths. Being blessed and privileged to benefit from Singapore’s education system, she hopes to play a key role one day and work with Mendaki and the educational institutes to create more opportunities for Malay youths to excel in school and the workplace.


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