CherizeCherize Zaidi
Diploma in Human Resource Management with Psychology (DHRMP)

Chua Chor Teck Gold Medal

Psych-ed For Human Resource

Having obtained eight A1s for her GCE ‘O’ Levels, Cherize Zaidi was qualified to enter a top junior college. However, her mind was already set on pursuing a course in human resources at a polytechnic because she identified herself as a kinaesthetic learner and wanted the opportunity to gain relevant industry experience and knowledge.

Cherize’s passion for human resources stemmed from her father who was working in that field. The Yishun Town Secondary School alumna was inspired by how small actions, such as matching the right people to the right jobs, could make a huge positive impact on an individual’s life. Cherize was also interested in improving her interpersonal skills and wanted to learn how psychology can play a key role in human resources.

Enrolling in SP’s Diploma in Human Resource Management with Psychology course was a decision that Cherize has not regretted. Over the years, the SP scholar has seen herself grow from a shy individual to a confident and outgoing person. She credits this transformation to the abundant industry learning opportunities, such as competitions, networking events and numerous student group projects.

Some of these competitions include the Singapore Human Resource Institute hackathon, where her team was one of the finalists in 2020. Another memorable project was the Bombardier Recreation Products project where Cherize formulated marketing strategies for Bombardier’s brands in Southeast Asia. Both the hackathon and project pushed Cherize out of her comfort zones, challenging her to come up with new business ideas and pick up new skillsets. It also broadened her academic experience.

Despite actively participating in numerous events, Cherize was able to handle the rigour of her academic coursework while leading the SP Guitarists Club successfully. As the President of the club, she conceptualised, planned and executed the SP Guitarists’ Art Fiesta concert in 2019, despite not having any experience in event management.

Her gung-ho attitude was also apparent when she worked with a food and beverage company on a Human Resource (HR) consultancy project. As part of the project, Cherize conducted research and worked in a team to develop a training and appraisal framework for the company. Her team’s solutions were praised by the company, who incorporated them into their existing operations.

During her internship as a Business Consultant at SP’s Business Innovation Centre, Cherize was given many opportunities to work on real-life client projects with students from different business courses. Through the projects, Cherize was able to identify specific HR topics that she had a flair for.

After her time at SP, the forward-looking youth is convinced that HR is her calling and has already been accepted into the Singapore Management University’s Bachelor of Business Management course. Ten years from now, Cherize hopes to help employees embark on a meaningful career through upskilling and life-long learning.


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