Jotham SP 2024

Jotham Hoe

Diploma in Computer Engineering (DCPE)

  • Lee Kuan Yew Award
  • Dell Technologies Gold Medal
  • OCBC Prize

A tech leader with a heart for a better and safer future

Jotham Hoe’s journey into computer engineering was fuelled by a lifelong fascination with technology, nurtured through countless hours of computer tinkering since his youth. Encouraged by his family, especially his third sister, who was pursuing a degree in software engineering, he found unwavering support in his academic pursuits.

Choosing Singapore Polytechnic (SP) for its Polytechnic Foundation Programme (PFP) solidified the Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School alumnus’ conviction during the 2019 open house, where he was impressed by the passion of SP lecturers. Despite early academic setbacks, his resilience shone through as he emerged as one of the top students in his cohort, inspiring others with his determination. “Pursuing a Diploma in Computer Engineering (DCPE) at SP was my first choice, as I gained entry through the PFP. SP took up four out of my five choices,” he said.

As a Lee Kuan Yew Award recipient and SP Engineering Scholar, Jotham’s academic excellence is underscored by a remarkable cumulative GPA and three consecutive Director’s Honour Roll placements. Beyond academics, his volunteering spirit shines through various initiatives, including peer tutoring and leadership roles in the School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering (EEE). Jotham actively participated in peer tutoring, guiding academically underachieving students through their modules every week. As a senior member of the Peer Tutoring Committee, he generously shared his wealth of experiences with new peer tutors, ensuring their effectiveness in supporting their peers.

A natural leader, Jotham excelled in multiple leadership roles and held key positions. With a genuine commitment to his role, Jotham spearheaded various key events, such as the SP Open House, as Vice-chairman. He also orchestrated the EEE Annual Awards Ceremony and held other roles, including the EEE student ambassador. His engagement extended beyond academics, notably as vice-captain of the SP Softball team. Leading the team through friendly tournaments, he consistently sought opportunities to improve performance, demonstrating dedication and proactive teamwork.

With a genuine passion for community service and a commitment to giving back to society, Jotham readily took on multiple volunteering roles and events. For instance, he actively participated in diverse community service initiatives, including SP CARES, beach cleaning campaigns, donations to ItsRainingRaincoat, and the Youth Expedition Project-Goes Online (YEP-GO). These experiences broadened his perspective and instilled a deep sense of social responsibility. One of Jotham’s most memorable events was the YEP-GO with students from Chiang Mai, Thailand. Interacting with them, playing games and exchanging insights about their respective countries was enlightening. It deepened his understanding of global perspectives and the importance of cross-cultural communication.

Remaining humble despite his achievements, Jotham continues to give back to his alma mater, Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School, mentoring cadets from the National Cadet Corps (NCC) and sharing his experiences. Recognised for his dedication, he inspires juniors with invaluable insights and advice. Through this role, he shares his knowledge and experiences with junior cadets, empowering them to unlock their full potential as emerging leaders. In recognition of his dedication and contributions, the NCC Headquarters promoted him to the rank of cadet lieutenant.

One fascinating aspect of Jotham is his relentless pursuit of growth and activity. Fuelled by a perpetual hunger to acquire new skills and explore diverse hobbies, he firmly believes in continuous, self-directed learning. Alongside his studies at SP, he has maintained a part-time role as a barista for four years, driven by his passion for coffee. Additionally, he has delved into content creation on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, resulting in collaborations with brands like Sony and Luckin Coffee.

Seeking real-world experiences that could only be found beyond the classroom, Jotham embarked on a transformative five-month internship at the Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R), where his contributions to web application development and cloud security were invaluable. His adaptability, ingenuity, and technical prowess earned praise from his supervisors.

Looking ahead, Jotham plans to pursue further studies at the university. Securing a place in Nanyang Technological University’s (NTU) Renaissance Engineering Programme will allow him to delve deeper into computer science. Eventually, he aims to pursue a Ph.D. in cybersecurity. Driven to understand how technology intersects with various industries, Jotham aims to leverage his passion for research and development of innovative technology to significantly contribute to cybersecurity and make a meaningful impact on Singapore.

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