Quek Jun Hui

Quek Jun Hui

From Delinquent To Captain Of His Life

  • Toh Chin Chye Gold Medal

In 2011, after completing his G.C.E ‘O’ levels, Jun Hui enrolled in Singapore Polytechnic(SP)’s Diploma in Marine Engineering (DMR). However, the young Jun Hui was a playful and immature student who found it more practical to work as it allowed him to lighten the burden on his mother who brought him up single-handedly.

With no interest in his studies, the Henderson Secondary School alumnus played truant in poly and was not attentive on the rare occasion he was in class. He would also linger with bad company till the wee hours every day. After two semesters of failing his exams, Jun Hui dropped out of SP.

With no direction in life, he helped out at his brother’s retail business before enlistment. Through the authentic hands-on experience, the idea of running a business appealed to him. During National Service, Jun Hui was struck by the reality of his bleak career prospects if he only had an ‘O’ levels certificate.

Wanting to start anew, Jun Hui applied for SP’s Diploma in Maritime Business (DMB) course. Though he recognised that his chances of enrolling were slim, Jun Hui was determined to pursue his new-found passion for business and the maritime industry. Seeing the change in Jun Hui, the interview panel gave him a second shot at completing a diploma.

This was a life-changing factor for Jun Hui as he vowed to repay the faith of his believers and to prove his naysayers wrong. He kept away from bad company and worked hard during the first year of his studies. At the end of the year, he was rewarded with distinctions for most of his modules as well as the SP Scholarship.

As part of his DMB course, Jun Hui also had the opportunity to go on a 10-day overseas immersion programme to Dalian Maritime University in China, where he was exposed to a different culture and deepened his appreciation of the maritime industry.

Showing his altruistic side, Jun Hui joined the SP Welfare and Services club where he provided tuition and mentorship for underprivileged children. Using his own experiences as an example, he hoped to lead and motivate others to make the right decisions in life.

As a committee member of the club, Jun Hui also organised weekly visits to Bukit Batok Elderly Services to interact and care for the elderly. Noticing a lack of wheelchair ramps in the area, he alerted various government agencies to address the problem and played a part in making Singapore more inclusive for the physically-impaired. For his commitment to community service, Jun Hui was awarded the Model Student Award.

During his second year, Jun Hui completed his internship at InterAsia Singapore Pte Ltd where he was exposed to various roles including ship management, equipment control and commercial sales. His attitude and mature manner in handling challenges impressed the Chief Executive Officer who offered him a full-time job before graduation.

Jun Hui plans to pursue a Maritime Business degree at the Nanyang Technological University and aspires to become an entrepreneur. With his new found self-discipline and an attitude to continue learning, Jun Hui shows that he is now taking charge of his life.

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