Digitization Of Legacy Coffee Machine

robotic cafe 1

Front View of Digitization of Legacy Machine. With point of sale, Robotic Cafe and Data Analytic.


robotic cafe 2

Students did and trouble shoot the control box.


Welcome to the age of Industry 4.0. A time when technology is maximised to improve the user experience.

This Robotic Café showcases how a traditional legacy machine can be turned into a connected, a fully automated machine, one with a high degree of flexibility and reliability, the kind associated with that of an industrial grade robot. Such a machine provides service that is consistent and dependable.

The Robotic Café will not only provide service but will also collect data of users and the machine itself to facilitate further data analysis to enhance future user experience.


This engaging and highly innovative industrial collaboration project involves both staffs and Final Year Project students. The aim is to help an industry partner develop a prototype machine, based on the needs of the partner. It addresses the many concerns in the industry like the need to reduce dependency on staff; improve productivity, gain efficiency, increase quality and enhance traceability. All this while reducing cost by leveraging on technology to enhance the user experience.

Project video

Project Video Clip

School: School of Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering

Course: Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Supervisor: Chan Loy Soon

Students: Benjamin Lee Zhi Yuan, Suryanarayana S/o N Panir Selvam, Justin Ang Lin Jie, Chong Yuan Le, Teo Jing Xiang, Patrick Lim Kai Xuan, Navin Rai

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