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samuel chong intership story 2021


Inspired by his SP senior, Samuel was attracted to Diploma in Mechanical Engineering as the course aligned with his interests. Today, Samuel is broadening his horizon in the engineering field through his internship at LionsBot, a Singapore-based robotics company specializing in producing smart cleaning robots.

He had an invaluable internship experience where he applied his engineering knowledge and skills learnt at SP to help solve real-life problems and enhance cleaning solutions for their clients. 

"My internship involves working closely with the production team at LionsBot. As a Quality Assurance Engineer, my role is to identify and investigate issues in the different assembled components of the robots which require versatility and precision, I also assisted the production manager in the documentation of detailed work instruction and inspection manuals which requires in-depth knowledge of the robots operation."

- Samuel Chong, 2021

Tey Teck Liong 2021 Resized

SP Advanced Manufacturing Centre

During my time in internship, I was mainly in charge of the Robotic Packaging Line. Being a Mechanical Engineering student, I only had very basic knowledge of programming, which would have placed me at a disadvantage. However, AMC@SP gave me the opportunity to learn and explore programming softwares such as TwinCAT3 and TM Flow, which was used to program the Robot. After self-learning these 2 softwares through online resources, I was able to pick up new programming languages such as Structured Text, Ladder Logic Diagram as well as Function Block Diagram, which ultimately allowed me to program the Robot to run 3 complete cycles of the packaging operation, as well as program the PLC to create a Human Machine Interface (HMI) screen which allows the operator to take full control of the robot. Overall, I have written close to 60 TwinCAT3 programs for the PLC, and a handful of TM Flow programs for the robot.

Not only that, for my CDIO project I created an Error Handling Program which complements the packaging process if an error occurs which may cause the robot to cease operation. This Error Handling Program which I have created, allows the Robot to check its coordinates, the last step it was doing, the tool it is holding and also if the robot is gripping onto any item. After the robot checks these 4 conditions, it will be able to determine where it exactly left off, and find the best possible way to proceed with the packaging process.

Before coming into AMC@SP for internship, I was quite unsure of what career path I would choose in future. However, after these 22 weeks of internship, I found my interest in setting up my own project, and finding my means of tackling it. Not only that, I also found a new interest in programming for automation, which has led me to research more about the Robotics Specialisation under Mechanical Engineering in the National University of Singapore. Hence, the career path I intend to work towards would be becoming a Project Engineer in future.

Thank you AMC@SP for giving me the chance to carry out the projects I have proposed, which has ultimately allowed me to grow as an independent and resourceful individual.

- Tey Teck Liong, 2021  


Internship  Ben Heng

SP Advanced Manufacturing Centre

22 weeks of Internship at Singapore Polytechnic Advanced Manufacturing Centre (SP AMC) have been the most rewarding and fruitful experience in my poly life. Having said that, the SP Advanced Manufacturing Centre has provided me with a very conducive environment to learn where freedom is given to create a way of learning that works the best for me. Intriguing topics about engineering are often learnt in a self-directed way which allows me to maximize my effectiveness.

Interesting projects proposed are often being responded with enthusiastic encouragement and invaluable guidance from my supervisor which propelling me forward throughout my internship. As a Mechanical Engineering student, I have an opportunity to learn about Industry 4.0 which precisely doing data retrieving, data publishing and data storing, relating to the Internet of Thing (IoT). Indeed, I need to swiftly learn and adapt to this new topic with all the engineering knowledge learnt in class as a foundation to move forward.

During my project of building IoT Gateway which serves to retrieve data from all the machines in Advanced Manufacturing Centre and publish it for the client to subscribe, real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance, a lot of learning is done by discussions with different levels of expertise in the industry to ensure better application of the knowledge. Hence, a significant impact on my personal development was unquestionably the opportunity given to carry out this project.

I am extremely grateful for the many opportunities to attend the courses and training for professional development to enhance my technical skills. I appreciate the insights, expertise and chances given by my supervisor, lecturers, and technical senior officers in SP AMC to leverage the best learning opportunity during my internship. SP Advanced Manufacturing Centre has provided me with a fulfilling experience that drives me to learn and progress in the Engineering Sector, professionally, and personally.

- Benjamin Heng Jun Sheng, 2021 

Sam Zhi Kai DME Sunbeam

SunBeam M&E

Mechanical Engineering student Sam Zhikai got to enhance his skills during his internship at Sunbeam M&E, a building and construction compaany.

"I assist the Project Manager in checking quotations, drafters' drawings and costing estimations for construction projcts," he shares. "It was an eye-opening experience for me as I had to adapt my mechanical engineering software skills and knowledge to fit architectural and building projects."

His AutoCAD and C++ programming skills also proved to be helpful during this internship. "I am also working on a CDIO project to help my company keep track of their drawing submissions," he adds.

- Sam Zhikai, 2020

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