Robotic Bartender


Robotic arm picking a cup


Robotic arm with controller


Bartenders commonly work continuously for 8 to 12 hours, resulting in fatigue which could lead to errors to the orders. 

This project explores the possibility of using a Robotic Bartender to aid the human one. 

The Robotic Bartender will never complain of fatigue while ensuring that customers get the correct drinks and be entertained. This frees the human bartender to do more value-added work and focus on improving customer service.


Ordering and getting the correct drinks at any F&B outlets seems easy and straight forward, if there are only few customers. However, during peak hours, long queue of customers is a common sight and mistakes do occurs as the bartender may deliver the wrong drinks. 

Robots are commonly used in the production line of factories to manufacture products. However, in recent years, robots are increasingly used in other areas to improve productivity. 

This project explore the possibility of replacing the human bartender with a collaborative robot, so called 'Robotic Bartender'. The intention is not to put the person out of job, but allow the bartender to do more value-added work and improve customer services. 

The Robotic Bartender has an interactive user-friendly interface for customer to order their drinks. Once the order is confirmed, the Robotic Bartender goes into action to make the correct drinks and serve the customer. The process is easy and customer is assured of getting the correct drinks, and they can enjoy the 'performance by the robot' during the short waiting time.

Project video

Project Video Clip

School: School of Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering

Course: Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Supervisor: Steven Tan Yih Min

Students: Ding Jishen, Benjamin Chew Xue Min, Tan Yong Bin, Maisurah Binte Mohammed Ali

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