Dear Year 1 students,

Congratulations on your successful admission to School of Business (SB)! As one of the renowned Business Schools in Singapore, SB will arm you with the knowledge and skillsets needed to embark realising your career and life aspirations.

Over the next three years, you will go through a rigorous but rewarding curriculum that includes not only the academic modules but also hands-on, practical training, through industry networking, projects and internships. You will also develop your soft skills and develop attitudes and values essential to succeed in business today. I really want to encourage you to go beyond the classroom to take part in the wide array of programs that the school offers, all of which prepare you to be life ready, work ready and world ready.

You will be enjoying the facilities at our brand new School of 
Business building, and have the chance to use the many specialised learning facilities designed to enhance your learning experience these 3 years.

At SB, you are part of a diverse, caring community of students, lecturers and staff that takes its responsibility to not only care for one another but also care for our school facilities and community at large. I strongly urge you to continue building this caring culture that your seniors have forged.

Last but not least, I wish you all the best as you embark on this new journey of yours together with the rest of your friends, lecturers and staff of SB.

Tan Yen Yen
Director, School of Business






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