School of Business is recognised for quality business education at the diploma level Our diplomas are highly valued by employers and widely accredited by reputable universities globally for admission to accelerate degree programmes. Quality curriculum is assured through comprehensive reviews by esteemed professors from local and foreign universities.


Supported by a dynamic team of 125 full-time qualified and experienced lecturers, the School of Business offers a wide range of business course:



Past Short Courses -

Introduction to Service Innovation
Driving HR innovation (DHRI)
Positive Psychology
Service & Process Innovation Design (SPID)
Essentials of Digital Marketing 
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

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 Diploma in Accountancy
 Diploma in Banking & Finance
 Diploma in Business Administration
 Diploma in Human Resource Management with Psychology
 Common Business Programme
 Diploma in Engineering with Business

Business Practice (Business Management)

Diploma (Conversion)

Diploma Plus

SP Sustainability Matters