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Our Diplomas

CBP 560 400 Landing Page

ELR2B2 13 points

Common Business Programme (S31)

Common Business Programme (CBP) caters for students who are passionate about business but need more exposure and hands on experience to decide which business discipline/field to specialise.

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ELR2B2 12 points

Accountancy (S75)

The Diploma in Accountancy (DAC) course gives you a holistic education that equips you with strong accounting knowledge and offers multiple pathways to success.

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DBKF 2019 Thumbnail 600 400 v1

ELR2B2 10 points

Banking & Finance (S76)

The Diploma in Banking and Finance (DBKF) course is the premier course that offers knowledge and skills to enter the challenging world of banking and finance.

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ELR2B2 11 points

Human Resource Management with Psychology (S48)

The Diploma in Human Resource Management with Psychology (DHRMP) covers areas of human resource management and psychology to enhance the effectiveness of future human resource practitioners.

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ELR2B2 12 points

Business Administration (S71)

The Diploma in Business Administration (DBA) is a “broad-based” business diploma that encapsulates three specialisation options in Marketing Management, Operations Management and Entrepreneurship; enabling you to attain business excellence.

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