The School of Business is one of Singapore’s largest business schools with more than 100 full-time academic staff. We offer more than just a sound curriculum. Our lecturers are carefully selected for their practical experience in relevant industries and for their excellent academic qualifications. In survey after survey, our graduates give us the thumbs up for quality teaching!

Academic excellence is only the starting point. At School of Business, your education will go far beyond the classroom! Learning and teaching are made dynamic and realistic in various ways including the use of “state-of-the-art” facilities.

Accounting Collaboration Studio

Workspaces with writable boards and LED monitors are being built in to facilitate meaningful discussions where hands-on learning can be experienced through our unique and interactive pedagogies.

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Human Resource (HR) Learning Studio

Equipped with top-of-the-line audio and video equipment, the studio provides students a conducive learning environment to practise and apply HRM skills.

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Fin-X is an interactive learning space that is designed to inspire innovation, collaboration and promote eXploration of opportunities, eXchange of ideas and real-world banking & finance eXperience.

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SP Innomall is Singapore's first and only gallery of vending machines for retailers to experiment new business concepts with youths.

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Hospitality Studio

Through simulated training in the hospitality studio, students gain practical experiences before they embark on the 24-week internship programme.

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Hilltop Library / Haven

Sitting ontop the pinnacle ground in SP, the Hilltop Haven is a popular hangout for students.

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Social Hub

The Social Hub is a popular spot where students meet for project discussions.

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