Addressing Fake News on the Internet

11 Dec 2021

In October, our year 2 students Wong Zhao Wu, Oh Tien Cheng, Ong Zheng Kai (Diploma in Applied AI and Analytics) and Chai Pin Zheng (Diploma in Information Technology) clinched the Best Junior Hack Award at the Deep Learning Week Hackathon hosted by NTU! The challenge was to use Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to solve an issue. The team decided to address the issue of fake news. Living in the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic, the team saw first-hand, how misinformation was spreading like wildfire. Their solution was the AI Fake News Detector. The team shares, “It was a great learning experience, and we truly learnt a lot during the short span of 48 hours, like deployment of AI models and importance of teamwork.” Applying what they learnt in classrooms to solve real life problems – now, that’s truly the SPerience!

The article was first published on SP Instagram.

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