Diploma in Information Technology (DIT - S69)


Why choose DIT @SP?

The Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA)'s Annual Infocomm Manpower survey continues to show a strong demand for infocomm talents in areas such as Software & Applications, Cybersecurity, AI and Data Science/Analytics.

The Infocomm Media Industry Transformation Map (ITM) has also identified four frontier technologies that will propel Singapore’s growth as a Digital Economy: (1) Cybersecurity, (2) AI & Data Science, (3) Internet of Things and (4) Immersive Media.

With the merger of Diploma in Business Information Technology into Diploma in Information Technology, we are able to offer a brand new diploma to a larger cohort of students. The revamped DIT course is positioned to focus on Software & Applications development with three specialist tracks:

  • Software Development Specialist
  • User Experience (UX) Specialist
  • Immersive Simulation Specialist



As a graduate of the DIT course, you will have a strong foundation not only in Infocomm Technology, but in problem-solving and communication skills as well.

Regardless of the specialisation in DIT course, graduates can look forward to job roles such as Applications Developer, Systems Analyst, IT Consulting Analysts and Business Analyst.

The other job roles suitable for DIT graduates, depending on their specialisation, are UX Designer, UI Designer, Data Engineer, Data Analyst and Digital Marketing Executive.

Our DIT students have won various top awards in competitions such as SiTF Awards, IMDA's Data Driven Innovation Challenge, Microsoft Imagine Cup, and National Climate Change Competition.

SP's DIT graduates have found great career opportunities in every industry that uses IT, with positions from Developer Evangelists, Solution Architects, Full-Stack Developers, Software Engineers, Data Engineers, Data Scientists to IT Project Managers.


What's Unique About DIT@SP?

Pursue IT Passion with the Flexible Curriculum

Get to choose from the following specialisations/tracks:

  • Software & Applications - Software Development
  • Software & Applications - User Experience (UX) Design
  • Immersive Simulation


Partner with Industry Leaders

We work closely with industry leaders when designing our pedagogy, and in building learning facilities.

 Learn about the latest with our partners from IHiS, Microsoft, Oracle, Singtel, Accenture, Ubisoft, KPMG, Govtech and Crimson Logic. 


Outstanding Opportunities for Outstanding Students

Students with good academic results and active in CCAs, can look forward to be awarded a scholarships from:



I am glad to work in GovTech through the Polytechnic Technology Programme (with Project INC@SOC) as I was able to learn a lot while working on meaningful projects and from working with the other developers. My supervisor was especially helpful as he provided me with tips to progress further whenever I had questions. On top of that, he provided me with opportunities to work on more tasks that I sought for, for example, DevOps and Cloud Computing.

See Yang Zhi, Current 3rd Year DIT student
Project INC Pathway


Confident. Adaptable. Ready. Even when my internship at DBS threw me several curveballs, I was able to meet the challenges head-on as the Diploma in IT had prepared me with the necessary skills and mindset to overcome them. This was only possible through its precise, comprehensive and relevant instruction and abundant opportunities.

Woo Jia Hao, Class 2020
IMDA Gold Medal
Diploma with Merit


Studying in SP's DIT course has been an incredible experience. I've always had a passion for and being able to study the subject I love made the journey very fun and engaging. I've been taught rock solid skills, and been mentored by lecturers who have gone above and beyond to build me up, both professionally and personally. With the emphasis on character and academics together, I believe the course has made me a better person - someone who wants to use his skills to help make the future brighter. My achievements are not my own, but a culmination of the guidance and work put in by the lecturers.

Azeem Arshad Vasanwala, Class 2017
IMDA Gold Medal
Toh Chin Chye Gold Medal


SP's DIT course has empowered me with the ability to improve lives, impress friends and invent new solutions. I learned how to design websites, create games and other IT solutions. I was also given countless opportunities to develop not just as a programmer, but in many other areas. One such experience was a trip to DigiPen Institute of Technology, Washington, USA, where I attended lectures by renowned game designers and developers. I also got to work on a game project using their proprietary engine, the Zero Engine while there. I believe with the strong foundation SP has provided me, I will be able to achieve much greater heights when I start university studies.

Evan Tay, Class 2015
Accenture Technology Prize
Diploma with Merit
IDA Integrated Infocomm Scholar


Studies are only part of the equation that brings me to where I am today. I believe every Polytechnic’s courses are meant to help students to achieve academic excellence. But SP’s DIT course is a whole different suite of experience that exposes students not only to latest technology, but also imbuing character development, business and social network acumen leading me to start up my own company today. In my 3 years of studies, I was given the opportunity and guidance to be involved in both technology and business-related events. The culture in SP-DIT is not exactly result-centric but instead, it places great emphasis on the students’ learning journey which getting good results is just a by-product of this process.

Joel-David Wong, Class 2015
Co-Founder of 3 Lines
Microsoft Award
Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Prize
Diploma with Merit
Course Gold Medallist


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