Diploma in Applied AI and Analytics (DAAA - S30)


Believe it or not, you interact with a form of AI (Artificial Intelligence) every day! From Siri to Google Home and online chatbots, data analytics and AI make it possible for devices and programmes to respond to us in an almost human-like manner.

This is changing how we live, work and communicate. Soon, it will become an integral part of our daily lives. The question is, are you interested to develop the next AI application that benefits our world?

If your answer is yes, join the Diploma in Applied AI & Analytics (DAAA) and be part of the revolution!!

Course Highlights

AI and Analytical Colab

The program is designed with a useful and relevant curriculum that imparts students with important skills to contribute to the workforce in the AI and Analytics domain. We would be interested in collaborations with Singapore Polytechnic in the form of providing industry projects, internships and to engage them with sharing sessions on industry practices.

Audrey Kuah
Managing Director
Dentsu Aegis Network Global Data Innovation Centre

DAAA Students

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