SP Computing students crowned champions at Global AI21 Labs Hackathon

19 May 2023

A team of five students secured a resounding victory in the prestigious Global AI21 Labs Hackathon #2:

Over the course of a week from 22 to 29 April, the hackathon brought together more than 1.5k industry experts, providing a platform for participants to showcase their skills in harnessing AI21 Labs' advanced language models and creating ground breaking applications.

Outshining 108 teams comprised of 1343 participants from diverse backgrounds, the winning team developed an intelligent AI-powered assistant delivered as a Chrome extension. This cutting-edge assistant not only transcribes speech but also offers a comprehensive summary of the spoken content. It goes a step further by leveraging the transcript's context to provide answers to questions related to the video or audio being transcribed.

AI21 Labs Hackathon-main

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