SP Team clinches 1st Place at HackOMania 2024

08 Apr 2024

In a resounding victory, the collaborative efforts of an Applied AI & Analytics (DAAA) student, two Information Technology (DIT) student and a Computer Engineering (DCPE) students have propelled one of the SP teams ‘Full Wave Rectifiers’ to the top spot at this year’s HackOMania on 6 April 2024. The intense 24-hour hackathon saw around 50 teams from universities and polytechnics competing head-to-head to solve real-world challenges.

The SP team’s achievement lies in their groundbreaking hardware project. Leveraging their combined expertise, they revolutionised traditional motion sensors by integrating artificial intelligence. Their creation intelligently detects human density within a room, leading to optimized lighting and fan usage. Imagine a workspace where energy consumption adapts dynamically to occupancy levels, all thanks to their innovative solution.

Over less than 24 hours, the team meticulously developed a trained model and established a seamless server-client ecosystem. Their dedication, technical prowess, and collaborative spirit set them apart, earning them the coveted 1st place.

Second from left: Nyan Lin Htun (DIT), Thirumaran Kaushik Manian  (DIT), Raymond Loong Ng (DAAA) and Mohammed Khambhati (DCPE)

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