Anugerah Khas Mendaki Award 2017 for DLA Graduate

Mohamad Arif bin Mohamad Azmi graduated with a Diploma in Landscape Architecture (DLA). Arif was awarded the Anugerah Khas Mendaki for excellent academic achievement at polytechnic diploma level that recognizes Malay students for academic excellence and encourages students to pursue higher education. About 200 students received awards from polytechnics and LaSalle College.

During Arif’s 3-year study in DLA, he had won many awards, was awarded scholarships and participated in community service. Arif is a pleasant and well-mannered student; he is also a responsible and competent class representative. His classmates looked up to him as a leader and big brother for advice and support. Overall, Arif is inspiring and a good role model.

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DET Student awarded HSBC-NYAA Youth Environmental Award 2016

Xiang Tian was an active member of the SP Environment Club (SP ENV), and was involved in the planning of numerous activities, including the Freshmen Orientation Camp (FOC), multiple Beach clean-ups and upcycling workshops. He implemented Electronic-waste Bins in SP and started new initiatives for SP ENV, including Beach Clean-ups at non-recreational beaches, upcycling workshops in collaboration with SP Library MakerSpace, and Operation Green, to teach ordinary members of SP ENV to plan and execute their own events.

Due to his positive attitude, strong leadership and contributions to the environment, Xiang Tian has been selected as one of the five winners for this year’s HSBC-NYAA Youth Environmental Award 2016. 

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DCEB Students' awarded CD Lionhearter Study Bursary 2014

Jayden was “drafted” into the SP CD Lionhearter Club during his first year in ABE after he was introduced to the club activities and events by a DCEB senior and club committee.

Jayden Lim was awarded the 2013 City Gas – CD Lionhearter Study Bursary. This award is given every year to Lionhearter Club members in recognition of their invaluable contributions to their club.

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DEWT Students' win Best Project Award 2014

4 DEWT students participated in the Polytechnic Student Research Project 2014 and won the BEST 5 Projects Award (from each Polytechnic) on 13 March 2014.

The Polytechnic Student Research Programme (PSRP) was initiated by Mr Peter Chen, former Senior Minister of State for Education, and launched by NTU in July 1997 with funding support from the NSTB (now A*STAR). The objective of the programme is to nurture local polytechnic students in R&D through an immersion in the scientific and engineering research environment.

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DEWT Students' Project appears in International Journal

Three DEWT students did SP proud when a technical paper, based on their final year project, was published in the International Journal of Biodeterioration and Biodegradation (IBB).

The work was a culmination of collaborative research work led by their supervisor, Dr Handojo. It has been available online since 11 January 2013.

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DEWT student Ong Xi Chun selected for the A*Star Science Award (Polytechnic)

The Award includes coverage of monthly school fees and an allowance of S$2,000 per year.

It is tenable for 2 years; however, continuation of the award in 3rd year is subject to excellent academic performance in 2nd year promotional examinations and continued interest in science and mathematics.

The Award carries no bond.

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DEWT Student Researchers

Earlier this year, SPirit last reported that two SP civil engineering graduates from Class of 2011 published a paper in an international scientific journal.

Hot on their heels are two fresh SP graduates from The Diploma in Environmental Management and Water Technology (DEWT) who published a journal paper in the international Journal of Water Sustainability (Vol. 1, Issue 3, Dec. 2011: 313- 322). .

Kenneth Lim (right) and Daphne Low (left) with their Lecturer, Dr Handojo Djati Utomo, who was holding the published research paper (middle) during 2012 graduation ceremony.

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Bryant Lau of DARCH, won International Design Awards Student Category

Using his year 2 project, Bryant (DARCH student) won an International Design Awards Student Category & Architecture Emerging designer of the year. His entry was published in the 2011 International Design Awards book.


Elaine Sam of DEWT, Winner and 2012 HSBC/NYAA Earthwatch Study Trip Participant

Elaine Sam Hui Xian, our student from Diploma in Environmental Management and Water Technology (DEWT), has been selected as a winner of the HSBC/NYAA Youth Environmental Award 2012.


President's Award for the Environment

Singapore Polytechnic was awarded President’s Award for the Environment (PAE) 2010 for its contributions that include staff and students mobilising to protect the environment on campus and also conducting outreach programmes targeting the industry and community.

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BizSafe Star

SP/ABE was awarded the BizSafe Star certification, the highest possible award in BizSafe certification by the WSH Council, for putting in place excellent safety and health management systems. This certification is valid for 3 years from 9 April 2012 - 3 April 2015.


SCDF Strategic Partner Award

SP was presented the SCDF Strategic Partner Award on 15 Sep 2009 for its close collaboration with SCDF (Singapore Civil Defence Force). Amongst the many joint projects, the Mobile Tremorlator has made public apprearance in many EP (Emergency Preparedness) Days. The year culminated in the launch of the SP-CD Lionhearters Club in SP on 27 Oct 2009.


Watermark Award

Minister of the Environment and Water Resources, Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, presented the Watermark Award to principal of SP, Mr Tan Hang Cheong, at the award presentation ceremony held at the Marina Barrage on 28 Aug 2008. The Watermark Award was introduced in 2007 to recognise individuals and organisations for their outstanding contributions and commitment to protect and raise awareness of Singapore’s precious water resources.


Water Efficiency Building

SP/ABE was awarded the Water Efficiency Building Certificate by PUB on 15 July 2008. Water Efficiency Building



Our school achieved complete QEHS (Quality, Environment, Health & Safety) certifications (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001) since 2002.

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