Dear Students,

To our first year students, congratulations on being accepted into SP’s School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (SEEE), one of Singapore’s premier schools of engineering education. This is a significant chapter in your life as you are transiting from secondary school to tertiary education where you have chosen to join one of our six diploma courses that are well recognised by the industry as well as both local and overseas universities.

For second and third year students, welcome back to a fresh new year!

The school believes in cultivating, nurturing and satisfying each student’s potential to be fulfilled, curiosity about how things work, interest-driven choice to learn and ability to learn how to learn to be enhanced. The school is committed in your growth with us. Through our flexible and inclusive curricular and co-curricular learning opportunities, it is SP’s vision to see each individual collectively shaped and developed into an inspired learner with holistic perspectives, one with strong engineering knowledge and skills to serve with mastery and who cares for the community.

I encourage you to adopt a positive learning mind-set and passion to develop deep skills of mastery in engineering. With pedagogies like the CDIO (Conceive, Design, Implement and Operate) framework and Design Thinking, you will be trained on how to solve real-life engineering problems, enhance your ability to speak with confidence and think critically while working well with others.

SEEE’s strong collaboration with relevant industries has ensured that up-to-date equipment and facilities are in place to support the teaching and learning of fast emerging engineering disciplines. We have also introduced pathways such as Electives, Specialisation, Enhanced Internship and Engineering Academy within our course for you to challenge and develop yourselves further according to your interests.

To broaden your horizon, I hope that you would also explore beyond your curriculum by being involved with various activities such as sports, arts, overseas learning trips, makers’ activities and service to the communities. Through such activities, you would get to interact and bond with your fellow schoolmates, develop valuable social, interpersonal and leadership skills.

For our newbies, this new transition may seem daunting as it is exciting, as challenging as it is empowering. Do not worry. You will have dedicated lecturers to journey with you throughout the 3 years in SEEE. The desired outcome and in the essence of SkillsFuture, is seeing you better prepared to be life ready, work ready and world ready and enabled to stay resilient in the face of an ever-changing future. I invite you to embark on this mission with your lecturers and peers as the school aims to nurture curious minds and produce passionate engineers – a journey to bring each of you from Potential to Fulfilment. I wish you every success and I am confident that you will find your journey in SP an immensely rewarding experience.

Thank you.

Toh Ser Khoon


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