As part of the national SkillsFuture initiative, Singapore Polytechnic and School of EEE both recognise the need to further strengthen the partnership and collaborative spirit with existing industry partners, and at the same time build new ones.


For more than a year, EEE staff have been engaging with some key companies and organizations to understand and gather key insights into 7 industry sectors, viz., Aerospace Engineering, Automation & Instrumentation, Engineering & Business Services, Information & Communications Technology, Land Transport, Infrastructure & Logistics, Power Engineering & Sustainable Energy and Semiconductor & Electronics


Figure 1: The 7 Industry Sectors supported by EEE


The insights and information on the industry landscape are valuable for enhancing student learning and curriculum, career counselling, staff capability development and the continued strengthening of our partnership with the industry. The 6 key insights are shown in Figure 2.



Figure 2: Key insights


Our Industry Engagement (IE) initiative aims to create a sustainable system that will achieve the desired outcomes as shown in the table below.



These are some of the outcomes through EEE industry engagement:

SP Sustainability Matters