Industry Internship

In school of EEE, the students undergo a 22-week internship programme that takes place during their third year of study. During the programme, they are expected to complete an online safety module and participate in an industry project.

The Internship Programme aims to provide students with an authentic work experience in an engineering, or a technology-enabled business field, to prepare them to be truly work-ready. Besides the opportunities to develop their technical competencies and understanding of what the industry expects of them, students will also learn from the experience of working professionals and to establish an industry network.

The programme is modelled after the Conceive - Design - Implement - Operate (CDIO) engineering education framework. It enables students to apply and enhance their range of technical skills, gain knowledge in areas such as professional ethics, role and responsibility of engineers, and understand the business environment that the companies are in.

22-Week Internship Opportunities @ EEE

EEE students are placed in local or overseas companies in one of the following industry sectors:

1. Aerospace Engineering Sector
2. Automation & Instrumentation Sector
3. Engineering & Business Services Sector
4. Information & Communication Technology Sector
5. Land Transport, Infrastructure & Logistics Sector
6. Power Engineering & Sustainable Energy Sector
7. Semiconductor & Electronics Sector

22-week Internship Showcase

The videos below showcase our interns sharing their rewarding internship experience.

Internship at SEW-EURODRIVE

Internship at GovTech

Internship at A*STAR

Internship at Singtel

Internship at W2

Internship at Iron Mountain

Internship at Whizpace

Internship at System

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