Singapore Polytechnic is the first educational institution in Asia to be a Conceiving – Designing - Implementing - Operating (CDIO) collaborator in 2004 and has implemented the CDIO framework in its engineering courses successfully in 5 faculty schools and 15 diplomas since 2007. CDIO represents the 4 key stages of most engineering activities and is an engineering education framework developed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and adopted by more than 150 institutions worldwide, as of March 2019.

Pedagogy for the Professions – Projects with CDIO Elements

With CDIO, and enhanced with SP’s own Design Thinking Framework, students are able to conceive innovative engineering solutions based on real user needs, through the processes of empathy study of users, ideation, quick prototyping and co-creation. The intention is to impart not only the necessary technical knowledge but also to imbue in the students, the necessary skills and attitudes, including that of being innovative and possessing the solution-minded mind-set to be life-long learners. 

In this way, our students will be well prepared to become life ready, work ready and world ready.



Self-Directed Learning & Growth Mindset

The School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering aims to train our students to be self-directed learners, while imbuing them with the necessary engineering disciplinary knowledge and skills. 
By being self-directed, our students constantly question, reflect, persevere and take responsibility for their own learning. This prepares them to become successful life-long learners, who are not only able to keep abreast with the challenges that technology disruptions bring to the workplace, but also to remain relevant and adaptable even in the face of such changes.

Self_Directed Learning_ Growth Mindset

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