Learning Express (LeX) is a 12-day overseas program that equips students with the Design Thinking mindset in a social innovation context. In this program, students get to enjoy out-of-textbook experiences such as learning a new language and undergoing a community homestay. Students get to interact and build friendship with youths from Asia and gain a more profound understanding of the issues faced by the overseas community. ​

SP students join the students of Overseas Partner Institutions to co-create purposeful, sustainable and innovative prototype solutions to real-life issues. They develop an understanding of the issues faced by the overseas community in the context of their social, economic and political culture, and analyse these issues from multiple perspectives.

Through this program, students are able to apply their teamwork and communication skills, develop a better understanding of themselves, empathy for the community, realise the positive impact they can make in the lives of a community in need, and attain higher resilience in life.

For more information visit http://learningexpress.asia/

LeX Destinations


LeX Projects

Examples of Lex projects implemented in the villages:

Operate stage at Binh Khanh, Vietnam
pH Sensor implementation in a Fish Farm, Vietnam

Ambient Conditions Monitoring System
for Mushroom Farmers (Yogyakarta, Indonesia)

Some photos of LeX journeys

Conducting empathy study with the villagers

Brainstorming for Ideation

Conducting feedback @ Gallery Walk

Cultural immersion

SP Sustainability Matters