At School of EEE, we believe that every student should be equipped with leadership skills and knowledge. All EEE nominated student leaders are encouraged to develop their leadership competencies through SP leadership programme (LEAP). There are THREE stages in the LEAP journey:

LEAP (Foundation)
LEAP (Intermediate)
LEAP (Advanced)

LEAP (Foundation) programme is the 1st stage of the leadership journey. It is opened to all year 1 potential student leaders identified by the school. EEE student leaders will undergo a one-day workshop on the ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective College Students’ and a 4 day 3 night experiential camp @ Kota Tinggi where they learn to live those 7 Habits. For those who are aiming for the National Youth Achievement Award (Gold), the LEAP (Foundation) camp can be considered as their Adventurous Journey. For more information visit https://life.sp.edu.sg/our-programmes/leaders/

After the LEAP camp, EEE student leaders will be given opportunities to further hone and deepen their personal leadership competencies through the planning of various school events which they will lead their peers to organise.







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