5G & AIoT Technology Hub

About the Tech hub

This Hub is part of the core Technology Hubs under the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. It focuses on developing staff and students’ capabilities in the enabling technologies that drive IoT applications and Smart Solutions.

The Hub aspires to be the catalyst that provides technical consultations, trainings, and seminars in the areas of AI, IoT, embedded systems applications, smart devices, wireless applications, cloud computing, cybersecurity and data analytics.

A typical AIoT eco-system would comprise the following stages and respective enabling technologies:

Typical stages Enabling technologies
1.Collect Sensors, micro-controllers
2.Communicate Wireless communication technologies
3.Connect Web technologies
4.Cloud Cloud computing, application programming
5.Comprehend Data analytics
6.Create Smart devices, mobile and web applications

The implementation of projects in these technologies provides an effective training platform for the future engineers in smart solutions.

Summary of AIOT

The Hub is located at Block T9, Lab T903.

Capabilities and Technical Services

The 5G & AIoT Technology hub provides consultancy, customised training, and project development services in the following technology areas:

  • Mobile applications development (both iOS and Android);
  • Wireless communication technologies (WIFI, Bluetooth, GPRS, GPS, ZIGBEE, RFID, LORA, SIGFOX, etc.);
  • Web applications development (client-server programming, databases etc.);
  • Computer networking, cybersecurity, cloud systems and data analytics;
  • Embedded microcontrollers such as PICs of Microchip Technology, Arduinos and Advanced RISC Machine (ARM) processors.

Backed by the robust experiences of our academic and research staff, the hub also has ongoing project collaborations with other government agencies, businesses and industry partners.

Project Showcase

The 5G & AIoT Technology hub promotes a wide array of applied R&D projects undertaken by students and staff. Some of the current projects are listed below:

  1. AIOT Nerve Centre for integrated monitoring and management.
  2. Video-based Carpark Occupancy System
  3. Facial Recognition System for attendance taking.
  4. Behavioural Detection System for alerts.
  5. Video-based Smoke and Fire Detection System.
  6. Remote Energy Monitoring System with Analytics.
  7. Smart Facility Management Systems and Smart Office Systems.
  8. Environmental Sensing System with Smart Sensors.
  9. Indoor Positioning System with Beacons.
  10. Cloud-based Intelligent Environment Control System.
  11. AI in Wireless Sensor Network.
  12. Smart Workflow – Data Integration and Analysis.
  13. Autonomous Electric Vehicle for Patrolling.

Some applications of AIOT


The hub has worked with the following partners:

  • SP Group
  • Singtel / Ericsson
  • Bosch
  • Contec
  • Advantech
  • Envision
  • ...and many more

Courses and seminars

AIOT hub

The hub has conducted many tailor-made and continuing education training (CET) courses, some of which are listed here:

  • IoT – Overview and Applications
  • Introduction to Python Programming and Mobile Applications Development
  • Python Programming for IoT
  • IoT and Hybrid Mobile Applications Development
  • Appreciation of IoT and Data Management
  • Building an AIoT Project
  • Digital Technologies for a Smart City
  • Amazon Web Services Cloud Computing Architecture
  • Practical Approach to Cloud Computing
  • Practical Approach to Wireless and Computer Networks
  • Introduction to 5G Technology and Applications
  • Cyber Defense, Network Security and Info-Communications Technologies
  • Industrial Control Systems Cybersecurity
  • CCNA Routing and Switching courses
  • Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Analytics for Industrial Applications

Contact Information

Chua KayChiang

Chua Kay Chiang
Manager, Technology Development
School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Email: Chua_Kay_Chiang@sp.edu.sg
Phone: 6772 1442
Fax: 6772 1974

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