Power & Sustainable Energy Hub

About the Tech hub 

The Power & Sustainable Energy Hub is equipped with solar and wind power stations and modern smart power networks (micro-grids and smart grid) to provide students with a platform on which they can learn and build up capabilities and skills in the design, operation and maintenance of various power and energy systems through hands-on exercises or final year projects.

The hub seeks collaboration with industry and academic/research institutes in joint research and development (R&D) and industry projects involving staff/students to improve competencies in the area of electrical power, renewable energy applications, energy efficiency, micro-grids, smart grid, etc. In addition, the hub also provides customised courses to retrain and upgrade manpower for electrical power and renewable energy industries.

The Power & Sustainable Energy Hub is located at levels 1 and 4 @T12 and level 2 @T8, Singapore Polytechnic.

Capabilities and Technical Services

Supported by the vast experience of the members, the Power & Sustainable Energy Hub provides technical consultations, training, seminars and project collaborations to government agencies, educational institutes, businesses and industry partners in these technology areas:

  • Energy systems
  • Solar photovoltaic systems
  • Wind energy
  • Micro-grids and smart grids
  • Electrical power systems

In addition, we also provide customised courses to retrain and upgrade manpower for the relevant industries.

Project Showcase

The Energy & Rapid Transit Hub promotes a wide array of applied R&D projects undertaken by students and staff. Some of the achievements and past projects are shown below:

Solar Garden Pavilion with Gaming Exercises

The project developed an energy sustainable sheltered space with cooling fans, LED lighting, and mobile device charging points. It integrates with 3 benefits in 1 gaming exercise facility: play to have fun; exercise to get fit or for rehab; and exercise energy is harnessed. This project was showcased at Youth@SIEW2020.

Solar Garden Pavilion

Net-Zero Renewable Energy Vertical Farming

This project aims to design, develop and demonstrate renewable energy-based, net-zero energy solutions for urban hydroponic vertical farming systems. It has achieved net-zero energy for small-scale, modular, indoor and outdoor greenhouse vertical farming systems. The indoor vertical farming system that grows 27 plants and consumes 165W of electrical power (mainly for the LED lights as well as the water pump and ventilation) can be reliably supplied by a rooftop solar and wind hybrid micro-grid power system, whereas the outdoor system in the greenhouse that grows 140 plants and consumes 14W of power (for the water pump and IoT system) can be sustainably supplied by a standalone bifacial solar PV micro-grid system. The project was showcased at Youth@SIEW2021. This project was funded by Applied Scientific Technology Pte Ltd.

Net-Zero Renewable Energy Vertical Farming

(a) Standalone bifacial solar PV with energy storage powered outdoor hydroponic vertical farming in the greenhouse; (b) Solar and wind micro-grid powered indoor hydroponic vertical farming system

Real-time monitoring system of DC micro-grid wit health prognosis of renewable energy

This project aims to develop a real-time condition monitoring system that can track the health of a DC micro-grid in real-time. With the data collected, the team is also able to conduct degradation studies to predict and prevent problems from occurring. It developed a control system unique to Singapore's environment: (1) DC micro-grid system with real-time monitoring that minimises costs and manpower by adapting sensors and freeing up cloud services; (2) A renewable energy degradation model developed based on long time historical big data collection; and (3) Health prognosis function for renewable energy in DC micro-grid.

Smart Facility Management

This project aims to develop a smart facility management (FM) system that can optimise energy usage, monitor and control air quality in offices so as to provide a healthy environment for users. The smart FM system can alert users when an abnormal event is detected, such as power consumption is out of normal range or air quality is poor in an indoor environment. It can control the air quality by switching on/off humidifiers or air cleaners and opening/closing windows. Furthermore, it can also request services automatically for facility maintenance when needed.

Smart Facility Management

Miniature Smart Gauge for AC Distribution Board

The project developed a Miniature Smart Gauge (MSG) that has miniature size and din rail mounting case. It can measure up to four current channels with non-intruding current transducers (CT). The measured data is reported wirelessly with Zigbee (MSG1) or Wifi (MSG2) technology. All these features make it not only easy to install in the household DBs, but also provide the potential for the future smart applications like cloud application and big data analysis. For details, refer to https://www.ipi-singapore.org/technology-offers/miniature-smart-gauge-ac-distribution-board.

AC Distribution Board

Figure: MSG1 and MSG2

DC Microgrid System for Smart Grid Performance Enhancement

This was Singapore government (EMA) funded R&D project in collaboration with SP PowerGrid Ltd. The project aimed to develop an intelligent, modularly designed grid-connected DC micro-grid control system. Such a system minimizes the negative impact of the distributed renewable energy that are generated from solar PVs and wind turbines, and enhances smart grid performance in terms of system efficiency, stability and reliability through the developed smart power management units and system controllers.

Sustainable Urban Solutions

AC/DC Hybrid MicroGrid System

MicroGrid system, a modern concept for a small-scale localized electricity generation and distribution system, has been developed and operated by students in SP. The system, integrating different energy sources and energy storages, is able to operate in two different modes: "island" mode" and "grid-connected" mode to provide both 240 VAC and 24 VDC electrical power in a lab setup.

Hybrid MicroGrid System

Mobile Micro-Grid Management System

This was Singapore government (MOE) funded R&D project in collaboration with ST Kinetics Ltd. The project aims to develop a standalone mobile power network management system that is capable of integrating multiple small generator sets as well as small renewable energy resources. This was done through smart controls with power electronics-based converters, resulting in a mobile microgrid power system with high power capacity and energy efficiency.

Mobile MicroGrid Management System

Real-World Test-Bedding of Integrated Smart Green Technologies

This was an Iconic Project funded by Singapore Polytechnic. The project aimed to develop IoT technologies with emphasis on energy efficiency. First time in Singapore, a system of integrated smart green technologies of the following 5 parts had been designed, developed and implemented in a real-world full-operational clubhouse (SPGG - Singapore Polytechnic Graduate Guild) for energy efficiency and sustainability. Some key technology merits and innovativeness are highlighted below:

  • Improved overall energy efficiency whilst providing the office best human comfort through smart facility management
  • The 40 kW solar PV system installed helps the clubhouse to save energy consumption by 55,200kWh per year
  • IoT-based dynamic water flow monitoring for water consumption profile management
  • Improved building wall/window energy efficiency through the use of high-performance thermal insulation and self-cleaning coating materials
  • One-stop IoT central monitoring and control with interactive dashboard interface

System overview
Smart Green2
PV System
PV Grid System
kW Solar PV System designed and installed at SPGG

Development of an Integrated Solar Photovoltaic-thermal (PVT) Module for the Tropics

This was Singapore government (MOE/EDB) funded R&D project in collaboration with Grenzone Pte Ltd and NUS.  The project aims to design and develop a novel and compact PVT collector and its smart management system that integrates solar PV and solar thermal systems to achieve improved overall energy efficiency and energy density.

Integrated PVT module

4.6kW Solar-Wind-Hybrid Standalone System

This system is for research on solar and wind hybrid operation. It is composed of the following: 2.1kW solar PV system, 2.5kW wind generator and energy storage. The system converts both solar and wind energy into electrical energy for electrical appliances in the laboratory or is stored in the battery bank.
 Solar-Wind-Hybrid Standalone System

19.2kW Grid-connected Solar Photovoltaic System

This system is to study the performance of a PV system connected to the power grid. It consists of four 4.8kW mono-crystalline solar PV systems. The systems are connected to a low voltage grid and supply the power to the teaching blocks. The system has been operating successfully since its installation.

Grid-connected solar system

48.88kW Solar Photovoltaic Test Bed (EDB CERT project)

The test bed consists of two different systems: one with 10 different PV technologies and another with 13 different installations. The main objectives of this EDB project are to study the performance of various PV technologies in the tropical region and to investigate the impact of different installations on the energy yield of PV system in Singapore.

EDB CERT project
EDB CERT project


The hub has worked with the following partners:

  • Economic Development Board (EDB)
  • Energy Market Authority (EMA)
  • National Environment Agency (NEA)
  • National University of Singapore (NUS)
  • Nanyang Technology of University (NTU)
  • Energy Research Institute @ NTU
  • SP Group
  • SMRT
  • ST Kinetics Ltd
  • Sembcorp
  • Grenzone Pte Ltd

Courses and seminars

The hub has conducted courses and seminars in the following areas:

  • Solar Photovoltaics System
  • Wind energy system
  • Design of Photovoltaic System
  • Maintenance of photovoltaic system
  • Electrical supply, Transmission and Distribution
  • Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System Know-How
  • Licensed Electrical Technician

Contact Information

Dr Cai

Dr Cai Zhi Qiang
Manager , Technology Development
School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Email: Cai_Zhi_Qiang@sp.edu.sg
Phone: 67721542
Fax: 6772 1974

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